Embrace the Earth - Customized Eco-Friendly Series Products

With the world facing an environmental crisis, we all have a responsibility to reduce our impact. As a company, we take that responsibility seriously and want to do our part by offering customized eco-friendly products. Our goal is to inspire more people to join us in taking environmental action and adopting a green lifestyle. By choosing our cute and unique eco-friendly gifts and souvenirs, you can help make a difference and work towards a better future for our planet.”

SGS-Certified - Lead-Free & Cadmium-Free
Pass 8 Heavy Metal Inspections!

Marktex offers eco-friendly electroplating options that are Nickel-Free for the production of metal gift items. In addition, the coloring process uses Lead-free and cadmium-free pigments, which not only protect the Earth from pollution but also reduce the toxicity of nickel to the human body.

custom metal medal

Medal / Medallion

Custom Metal Pinbadge

Lapel Pin / Pinbadge


Keychain / Keyring 

Go Green with These Unique Eco-Friendly Gift Options

We’re all in this together when it comes to protecting our planet, and at Marktex, we’re proud to offer a fantastic selection of custom eco-friendly products. Our range includes webcam covers made from wheat straw, lanyards and mobile straps crafted from bamboo fiber or PET recyclable materials, adorable Soft PVC keychains and figurines that meet European standards, and non-toxic silicone products. All of our green products are made from eco-friendly materials. It’s time to take action and make a positive impact on our planet!

eco-friendly Webcam Cover

Environmentally friendly webcam covers

Natural wheat straw material, it is friendly to environmentally and practical.

eco-friendly lanyard

Eco-friendly lanyard

fast-growing natural bamboo which has a comfortable texture.

environmentally friendly keychains and dolls

Environmentally friendly keychains and figurines

safe and non-toxic ATBC-PVC plastic material


Eco friendly silicone products

100% non-toxic silicone mateiral

More products for soft PVC & silicone