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Silicone products are more and more favored by customers because they are environmentally friendly and non-toxic products. It is also widely used in gifts, such as silicone bracelets, silicone coasters, silicone purses, silicone cup lids, silicone card holders and many other products. Although the material is all called silicone, there are still different differences in the manufacturing process. Generally speaking, it can be divided into solid silicone and liquid silicone products. In terms of appearance, the liquid silicone material is in a liquid state and has fluidity, while solid silicone is solid and has no fluidity. Liquid silicone is generally used in kitchen products, which can directly contact food and the human body, such as silicone cup lids; solid silicone is generally used in daily necessities, such as silicone bracelets. Liquid silicone is a food-grade material with high transparency and high safety. No auxiliary materials such as vulcanizing are added during molding. Solid silicone is a transparent material. It needs to add a vulcanizing during molding to speed up the vulcanization molding time.


Marktex can provide environmentally friendly non-toxic silicone wristbands, silicone wallets, slap bracelets, silicone dog tags… and many other products, as well as silicone cup lid products that comply with USA FDA food grade quality. Welcome to contact us for more information.


Silicone wallets mainly attract consumers with exquisite, novelty and nice appearance. The silicone purses are small and convenient and can store things. As a gift promotion, silicone product is indeed a good product. There are several advantages that make it sales great in recent years. Environmental protection is an important factor in global development, so everyone knows that environmental protection, green and safety are advocated, and for silicone wallets are in line with the needs of the times. The cost of making a silicone mold is relatively high. In order to save your cost, Marktex provides a variety of existing open styles of silicone wallets and silicone purses for you to choose, a variety of sizes and appearances to meet your needs. The wallets can be printed with your pattern or logo, and the color can be the designated Pantone color number. The shape is cute and changeable and there is space for customization. If you want a customized silicone wallet with a personalized appearance, it is totally no problem! We will make an exclusive personalized silicone purse for you according to your design. In addition, we can also provide different customized packaging for the best presentation of your products.


Silicone slap wristbands as know as snap bracelet are sturdy yet soft and wrap perfectly around any size wrist.
Made of 100% soft silicone, it wraps elegantly on the wrist with no harm.  Lightweight and waterproof make the silicone slap bracelet suitable for outdoors or events.
Regular size in 280x30x2mm, 250x23x2mm, 240x30x2mm, 225x20x2mm.
Best value silicone snap bracelets are harmless fun for all ages.  Great items to use as a party favor.


Due to its high surface friction and soft texture, silicone is often applied to some 3C merch products, such as cable management, cable organizer, silicone phone wallet, silicone mobile phone holders, card holders…etc. By embedding elastic steel and strong magnetic parts in the silicone, you can create a variety of products with different functions. Give the product more possibilities. material is for non-toxic which is no harm for people. It is very sutable using for business gifts or promotional giveaways. Marktex can offer many open design for silicone 3C accessories – silicone mobile phone stands, silicone card holders and cord organizer which are all can print on customized logo on it.

silicone slap stand holder

Stand Mobild Phone Holder 

custom silicone card-1

Card Hold

custom silicone cable organizer

Cable Organizer

Packaging Method

custom silicone card hold


  • It is simple to make your own silicone products. You have to design your products and confirm size, effect, color and quantity. You may check our website to see different production ways of effect. After having an idea in your mind, you can contact us for further information and get a quote. Once each detail is confirmed, we can proceed for production.

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