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Paper products are environmentally friendly material, and many disposable products are also made of paper. Marktex can provide you with a variety of paper products such as custom paper fridge magnets, disposable Tyvek wristband, personalized paper coasters, paper bookmark, car use air fresheners… etc. and other products. According to different requirements, we can provide different materials, weight of paper, accessories and suggestions for production. Create unique customized gifts for you.


Advertising refrigerator magnet is the top choice for promotional items. When the quantity is large, a favorable cheap price can be provided. Generally, the refrigerator magnet products used for advertisement are made of PP synthetic paper, customers can print their logo in CMKY on front side, and the accessories are made of soft magnetic on back side. The thickness of PP paper and soft magnetic can be customized according to your shape and budget. However, the thickness of soft magnets is related to the strength of suction. If your product is designed with a larger size, it is not recommended to use soft magnets with too thin thickness to avoid insufficient suction. As an advertising promotional gift, it is very important to clearly express your information on the product and allow consumers to see your advertisements all the time. Therefore, advertising refrigerator magnet is a very suitable option. Surface printing can provide enough space to present your design and information, and different shape appearance can be provided. With the function of the refrigerator magnet, consumers can have a higher chance to see your advertisement which can increase the impression of the company.

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Besides, according to different designs, paper refrigerator magnets can also provide kiss cut refrigerator magnets in addition to independent cut out magnet. It is important to note that the kiss cut design is not suitable for designs with borders, because there will inevitably be offset when cutting. If your design has a frame, a slight cutting offset will cause visual deviation. Therefore, please try to avoid such a pattern in your design. We can also provide other paper products for you, please contact us for more information

car use paper air fresheners

Car use paper air fresheners

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Paper coaster



paper button magnet

Paper button magnet

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disposable wristband


  • It is simple to run the order process. You have to design your products and confirm size, effect, color and quantity. You may check our website to see different production ways of effect. After having an idea in your mind, you can contact us for further information and get a quote. Once each detail is confirmed, we can proceed for production.

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