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In recent years, American Disney and Japanese animation movies have become very popular, and these animation movies have driven many business opportunities for peripheral products. Many fans of anime movies would like to collect souvenirs after watching a movie, such as stationery, daily necessities, toys, dolls, models, puppets, decorations, key rings, magnets etc., among which the most popular collectibles are Figurines & Miniatures.  Most of these Figurines & Miniatures are made of PVC high-pressure injection, Rot molded PVC, PVC micro-injection, Poly-Resin, glass fiber. The following will introduce you to PVC dolls and models.

Maybe you are worried that PVC products will cause environmental damage to our planet.
Please rest assured that our PVC photo frames are made of environmentally friendly materials, which can pass EN71, cadmium tests and free of ATBC-PVC materials and without phthalates.  That is also in full compliance with EU environmental standards.  PVC is a general-purpose resin, which can be adjusted in softness and hardness through different ingredients and processing procedures, or made into detachable products, which has a wide range of uses.

PVC micro injection

Inject liquid PVC into the recessed mold. The color of PVC is adjusted according to the color specified by the client. This processing is suitable for various quantities of products, especially for small quantities of customized products. The colors of the products are colorful and suitable for various activities Promotion Gifts.  Products can be 2D plane, 2D layering, single-sided 3D or double-sided 3D lamination.

PVC high pressure injection

Heat the PVC into a liquid state and inject the PVC into the metal mold at high temperature and high pressure.  We can use spray paint or pad printing to show the color of the surface.
This processing is suitable for mass production at low unit price.  Product weight is light and can be made into movable joints, components and can present detail image products.  The disadvantage of this processing is that the product will have a mold line on edge of product, light weight, high mold cost, and long production time.  It is suitable for making small pendants or ornaments are used as small gifts.  The minimum order quantity is about 5,000 pcs.

Rot molded PVC

The product made by this processing is a bit soft and has good flexibility. It is generally used to make dolls. Generally it is hollow, but there are also solid ones, which will cost more. Rot molded PVC process is to apply copper layer on the surface of the prototype and the layer of copper forms become a simple metal mold. Then uses PVC paste resin plus various plasticizers to adjust the softness and hardness, to form a latex state, and then pour into the metal mold just made then put the mold on the fire, and keep it rotating to heat it. Eevenly, then take it out to cool down, open the mold and take out the product. Generally speaking, the main products are hollow molded products and because it is made of PVC paste resin, the paste resin is more delicate than ordinary PVC resin.  So, everyone feels different. This kind of process item is relatively normal metal mold, the cost is low, and the production is convenient, but the disadvantage is that there is no pressure in the process and the fluidity of the paste. Rot molded PVC is not very good for making very delicate and complex products. The suitable products is large ornaments or piggy bank. If you are interested in the above PVC products, please contact us, thank you.


  • It is simple to make your own PVC figurines and miniatures. You have to design your products and confirm production way, size, effect, colors and quantity. You may check our website to see different production ways of effect. After having an idea in your mind, you can contact us for further information and get a quote. Once each detail is confirmed, we can proceed for production.

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