Cloth wristband is an extension of lanyard products, and the basic manufacturing process is the same as lanyard. Printing and thread are both colorful elements, so the fabric wristband can be made with a high sense of design. Commonly used production methods are heat transfer printing and fine woven methods. Because it needs to be worn on the hand, the material is made of fine polyester or woven with better fit. Flat type lanyard and tubular lanyard are not suitable as an option for bracelets due to material textures.

CUSTOM Elastic Wristband 

Elastic wristbands is the big hit eversible elasticated full color, edge to edge wristband with woven decal. We’ve taken a classic fabric wristband and turned it into a work of art.
These unique wristbands offer all the benefits of a classic fabric band, with more color and no more worrying about unfit size.  Versa bands are 2 in 1, full-color, elasticated, reversible wristbands that can be worn in different ways. Wear one or wear both for a different look.  They come in 4 styles, 150mm & 165mm for kids, 180mm and 195mm for adults.


  • High-customized new option for fabric wristband
  • Full color printing on both sides. Pattern can be different inside and outside. One become TWO!
  • Put on your own designed patter with fine woven label
  • Elastic fabric, easy to wear and take off


Marktex can provide a variety of custom cloth wristbands products for customers to choose from. The regular size is 15x350mm, but the length and width can be customized according to your needs. However, due to the limitation of accessories, it is recommended that the width should not exceed 20mm to avoid affecting the wearing effect. There are also a variety of accessories to choose from, both metal and plastic.

  • Widely used in various events, concerts, festival entertainment, amusement parks or exhibitions.
  • Suitable for various activities or venues (applicable indoor and outdoor).

One time use cloth wristbands accessories

closure options-1

Metal bead

closure options-3

Metal clip

closure options-2

Plastic clip

closure options

Plastic cylindrical



The heat transfer cloth wristband is to print the pattern on the fine polyester lanyard through heat transfer. The base color of the wrist band is white, and the pattern is printed on the wrist band through heat transfer. It can be printed on one side or two sides, but if it is printed on one side, the inner side is white color without printing. The heat transfer cloth wristbands can be produced as long as the printing film is set up, so the delivery time is short, and it is very suitable for products that require fast shipping, and can be produced in small quantities. After the film and fiber are combined under heat transfer, they can be more stably combined, staying on the substrate, the transfer pattern is not easy to fall off and crack, and it is durable as well. Because of its printing method, its colors are rich, full, gorgeous, high-definition, and the product patterns can be more detailed.

heat transfsr cloth wristband


The fine woven process is to express text, patterns and logo through the interweaving of threads, and polyester threads are generally used for it. Because the production method of woven is similar to that of weaving cloth, the output is not as high as that of heat transfer cloth wristbands. The woven cloth wristbands are woven from threads, generally, the expression of logo will not express the details as vividly as the heat transfer cloth wristbands. However, the fine woven fabric bracelet is washable and should not fade, and the product appears to be relatively high-end.

fine woven cloth wristband
cloth wristband-2

Packaging Method

cloth wristband-1


  • To make your own cloth wristbands, please kindly confirm the production way you prefer for your design. The price will be different in each production way and coloring process. If you cannot sure which presentation is best for your design, please contact us for professional suggestion.

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