Embroidery patch is one of the most popular DIY products at present. The combination of embroidery thread weaving and cloth surface makes the patterns come to life. Embroidery has broken away from the ancient traditional craftsmanship and transformed into a fashionable element. In addition to being widely used on clothing, shoes, and bags, patches are also used to decorate your personal belongings such as laptops, mobile phones…etc. The custom embroidery patch has slowly become more and more inseparable from popular life.


To create your own patch, you must first design your patch pattern. Since the patch is woven by embroidery thread, the shape cannot be as accurate and sharp as your artwork. Some small details cannot be presented either. Therefore, when designing, you must avoid too complicated patterns. The color of the embroidery thread and the bottom of the greige will be different according to each supplier of embroidery thread and the twill. If you do not have the color chart of the twill and the embroidery thread on hand, then you can provide the Pantone color number. We will try to choose the closest color from Pantone color number. However, due to the different color systems, the colors may not be exactly the same, they can only be as close as possible. Please pay special attention to this. Next, you need to determine the size of your patch. border process, back accessories and quantity. Pass your needs to Marktex, and we will provide you with a quotation reference. When all the details are confirmed, the patch can be produced.



Since embroidery products are made of fabric, the material of the products is soft. So they are also applied to tag products such as clothing accessories tags or luggage tags. Embroidered tag is not only a good decoration, but also can avoid damage caused by collision with clothing or luggage, and it is also durable and not easily damaged. The custom luggage tag is unique, in addition to the decorative effect, it can also help you find your suitcase quickly. Want to be different from others? You can’t miss the custom luggage tags.

embroidery patch
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embroidery tag
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When making embroidery products, we need you to provide your design in vector files. But what if you are not a professional designer and do not have vector files? Don’t worry, you can provide us with your design draft, and we can draw production files according to your design draft. If you have samples, it would be great! Please send your samples to us, we will produce the patch according to the sample copy design. However, due to the different machines and materials of each factory, the colors and patterns produced will have some difference. Please especially pay attention to this. At the same time, you also need to confirm the product size, border method, back process, the color of the embroidery thread and the color of the base cloth. Regarding the color, you can refer to our embroidery thread color chart and fabric color card chart, or you can provide Pantone color number, we will find the closest corresponding color number for your reference.


Your design





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  • It is simple to make your own embroidery patches. You have to design your patch and confirm size, border effect, color and quantity. You may check our website to see different production ways of effect. After having an idea in your mind, you can contact us for further information and get a quote. Once each detail is confirmed, we can proceed for production.

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