A must-have for traveling abroad in 2023!

The epidemic is easing, and the borders are opening up. Eventually we can hug the world again!
People have gradually won the battle against the pandemic, and the inconvenience caused during the
pandemic has gradually decreased. People have started to explore the world again. Are you ready for the
gradually recovering tourism business opportunities?
We welcome travel agencies, airlines, tour groups, original illustration artists, and marketing companies to
inquire about custom travel merchandise. Marktex is a professional custom manufacturer that can
provide various custom products, including luggage straps, short straps, and luggage tags.
You can always find suitable company promotional gifts, advertising giveaways, and event souvenirs here!

custom bag tag、promotional luggage tags

Luggage Tag

Luggage tags can be designed with cute cartoon
shapes or favorite patterns on the surface, which
can be hung on suitcase to easily identify your
luggage at a glance. The soft PVC material is flexible,
colorful, and does not fade, providing more possibilities
for product variations. The design can be presented in
2D or micro 3D effects, with attractive shapes that are
especially suitable as merchandise or promotional gifts.

Personalized Luggage Tag、Customized Soft PVC Luggage Tag

Animal-Shaped Luggage Tag

Custom Luggage Tags、Personal Luggage Tag

2D Luggage Tags + PVC Loop 

3D luggage tag

3D Luggage Tags + UV Printing

Luggage belt / Short strap / Crew strap

Whether it is a company logo, mascot, cartoon character,
or corporate slogan, all can be customized.
Luggage straps not only protect suitcases from cracking
due to collisions but also help you quickly identify your
suitcase from plenty of luggage. Marktex offers
customized luggage strap services. The length, material,
production process, and packaging can all be customized
according to your needs.

custom luggage belt
custom Suitcase Belt

Luggage belt/ Luggage strap

custom Travel Straps

Luggage short strap

custom crew tags

Crew tags/ Crew strap/
embroidery keyring

Amenity Kit Mini Hard Shell Travel Toiletry Case Storage Bag

Whether it’s a business trip or personal journey, a hardshell storage bag is an essential travel companion! Not only does it have a unique appearance, but also makes it easy for you to organize your luggage, making your trip more relaxed and comfortable. Hardshell storage bags have excellent durability and can be reused, allowing you to easily store various types of small items and serve multiple purposes such as a makeup bag or toiletry bag.

hardshell storage case

Marktex provides open design hard shell storage case which can print company logo and designed patterns in the center. It is suitable for branding products, promotional gifts or event giveaways.

Welcome major corporate brands, travel agencies, and airlines to customize adorable and practical hardshell storage bags according to your own designs.

size : 180 x 110 x 55mm
printing area : 35 x 45mm

hardshell storage bag

Customized printing logo in center

Customized hardshell toiletry bag

Large storage space

Mini luggage shape Travel Toiletry Case

Variety color choices available

Wanna See More Traveling Products?

You can always rely on Marktex to produce various custom travel merchandise. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Marktex offers quality-assured products at affordable prices.

No matter for luggage strap, luggage tag, short luggage slings or crew tags are all perfect for company promotional items, giveaways or events souvenirs.