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The NECK LANYARDT is one of the most common lanyard series products. It is commonly used materials as polyester, nylon, environmentally friendly materials, neoprene… etc. The production process is also quite diversified, such as printing, woven, jacquard, double layer method, 3D printed, cord, glitter… etc. According to different usage methods, there are different accessories that can be matched, which is one of the products with a high degree of customization. In addition, the price of custom made lanyard is low. Cheap custom lanyard is also very popular in large-scale events, campaigns, and outdoor events.
Here, Marktex provides you with many custom made lanyards products with different performances. You can find a variety of different neck belt products. If you don’t find the style you want? Don’t worry, please contact us immediately, we will provide you with further information consulting services.

custom lanyard、custom made lanyard


Flat type lanyard and heat transfer lanyard are the two most commonly used methods for making neck belt. The flat type lanyard is characterized by its short producing time and is suitable for silkscreen printing logo. However, it is not recommended to print too many colors, because every printing color will have printing position misalignment, this is unable to be avoid. If you have the consideration of the delivery time, you can choose the yarns of the factory’s regular colors to make the lanyard, which saves the time of dyeing the yarn and can ship more quickly.

custom made lanyards、flat type lanyard
lanyards customized、flat type lanyard
lanyards customized、flat type lanyard、flat type lanyard


The tubular lanyard is a hollow webbing belt. Due to the different weaving methods, the structure of the belt is relatively loose, so it is not suitable for too wide width. The printed logo is not suitable for being too small, so as to avoid pattern cracking due to the weaving way.

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lanyard custom made、tubular lanyard
cheapest custom lanyards、tubular lanyard
cheap custom lanyard、customized lanyards cheap
make lanyards、cheap lanyard printing


The heat transfer lanyard, also known as the sublimation printing lanyard, is to transfer the pattern onto a white fine polyester belt, so there is no way to choose a indicated color in Pantone color chart. And for the reason of paint rendering, it is not recommended to make too small pattern design, so as not to see clearly after dyeing. Heat transfer lanyard is quite price-competitive for large orders, and is the best choice for large-scale events.

printed lanyards、heat transfer lanyard
cheap lanyards、heat transfer lanyard
cheap customized lanyards、heat transfer lanyard


Marktex can also provide special material of lanyard and accessories for you to choose, welcome to contact us for more information

lanyard custom made、TPU Lanyard

TPU Lanyard

● Flat polyester +TPU strap
● Metal-like effect, fashionable and high-tech feel.
● Color changes on TPU strap by different angle and refraction of light.

TPU Lanyard-2
TPU Lanyard-1

Other Special Lanyards

Denim Lanyard

Denim Lanyard

Canvas Lanyard

Canvas Lanyard

Iridescent PU Strap

Iridescent PU Strap (Reflective)

Craft presentation

Silkscreen printing

Silkscreen printing

Heat transfer printing

Heat transfer printing

Offset printing

Offset printing



nylon woven

Jacquard woven

3D effect

3D printing

Packaging Method

lanyard、lanyards custom cheap


  • To make your own lanyard, please kindly confirm the production way you prefer for your design. The price will be different in each production way and coloring process. If you cannot sure which presentation is best for your design, please contact us for professional suggestion.

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