Ordering Process en

1. Sending inquiry

sending your requirement includes product type, size, design and quantity for quoting reference.


after receiving your inquiry, we will quote back to you according to your needs.

3. Revised artwork

according to actual production limit, your design will need to modify to fit the production process. we will send you revised artwork for checking effect before production.

4. Sample production

when all details are confirmed, we will send you sample sales confirmation for checking all information.

5. Payment

please arrange payment for orders and send the copy of remittance for reference. the production will be arranged once payment is confirmed.

6. Sample approval

sample can be approved via photo or physical sample, it depends on if the time for production is enough or not

7. Mass production

once sample is approved, we will go on mass production and repeat the steps form 5 & 6

8. Delivery

when production is completed, we will arrange shipment according to the terms on the order

9. Receipt of Project

Any product feedback must be provided within 7 days of receipt.

If you have any questions about the product ordering process, please feel free to contact Marktex.
email: sales-tw@marktex.com.tw