Whether traveling or on business, you all need to pack your bags. No wonder if you have such experience or have seen similar incidents that you can often see some opened suitcases in the luggage claim of the airport. After all, you have packed your luggage so well, don’t let such a tragedy happen. So now, all you need is a good helper for your luggage – luggage straps. When it comes to the benefits of luggage straps, what cannot be ignored is that it is a good helper that is easy to distinguish one’s luggage at a glance among countless suitcases with similar shapes and colors. Some people may put stickers on them or tie them on silk scarves to identify them, and it is also a good way to put on a luggage strap. No matter how simple and difficult to recognize the suitcase, it can be seen at a glance by strapping a luggage belt with eye-catching patterns or bright colors. In addition, it is not only convenient for you to recognize the suitcase, but also prevents other passengers carrying the same style suitcase from taking it by mistake!

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Among the many similar-looking suitcases, it is often unclear which one belongs to them. The luggage strap with the name tag function can also avoid the risk of accidental fall off and loss of the tag.
Besides, when the zipper of the suitcase is broken, the luggage strap can also come in handy; it can also prevent the suitcase from being broken and exploded during transportation, or accidentally bounced because it is too full to bear the load. If you go abroad a lot, tying a luggage strap which can bring you more convenience.
Luggage straps can have different lengths according to the size of the suitcase. Marktex provides a variety of custom luggage belt methods and materials for selection. The length, material, production process and packaging can be all customized, and custom luggage belt products can be made according to your creativity.

Due to the high usability and convenience of the luggage strap, it has become one of the popular items for customers to choose customized products.  You can also print the company’s logo or slogan on the surface, which is very suitable as a gift.
In addition, we can also provide short travel straps, luggage crew tags and other products to add color and insurance to your journey.

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  • To make your own luggage belt, please kindly confirm the production way you prefer for your design. The price will be different in each production way and coloring process. If you cannot sure which presentation is best for your design, please contact us for professional suggestion.

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