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Production Process

What is the difference between Merrow border and Heat cut border

Merrow (Overlock) Border vs Heat Cut (Hot Cut) Border

Merrow (overlock) border and Heat cut (hot cut) border are two methods for edge forming of embroidery products. The merrow…

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silkscreen printing and offset printing

Silkscreen Printing vs Offset Printing

Screen printing and offset printing both have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on the process. The feature of silkscreen…

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Intro of UV Printing

UV printing giveaways|Souvenirs|Novelties

What is UV Printing? UV printing is a new type of printing method where an image file from a computer…

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how to creating your own patch

How To Create Your Own Patch?

Do not want to be the same as others? Want to be the unique one? These are the reasons that…

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Custom Rhinestone Lapel Pins

Custom Rhinestone Lapel Pins offers a vast selection of personalized rhinestone pins and gemstone lapel pins that are eye-catching and versatile.

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Custom Glitter Lapel Pins

Custom Glitter Lapel Pins

Glitter powder is a surface treatment material with a unique effect and characterized by enhancing the visual effect of the…

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Material Selection Tips

hard enamel & Soft Enamel

Hard Enamel vs Soft Enamel

There are some badges in our website have similar looking but have been named differently in soft enamel or imitation…

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How To Choose For Making Product By Silicone or Soft PVC

SILICONE and SOFT PVC are the most popular material for promotional items, such as Coaster, Patch, Key Rings or Wristband.…

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Plating Methods

Gold Plating and Imitation Gold Plating-2

Gold Plating vs Imitation Gold Plating

Gold plating color is a popular plating options for metal products. But the gold price is getting higher now, in…

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Color Selection Tips

pantone color

Something About Pantone Colors

Pantone color is the most well-known color standard guide in the world. They have offered many different types of color…

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