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Soft PVC key ring, some people also like to call rubber key ring, its material is actually soft PVC, not rubber, just because the material is soft, so many customers will not be able to distinguish the difference between soft PVC, rubber and silicone. Soft key rings have always been very popular gifts in the market.  The soft material and rich colors make the product more variability. The soft key ring is very suitable for some cute cartoon designs, both 2D and 3D designs are available, and can also add printing logo on it.
Soft PVC key rings generally use silicone molds, so the cost of the mold is not too expensive, but due to the manufacturing process, the three-dimensional method has thickness restrictions. Marktex is a professional key ring manufacturer and will provide the best production suggestion according to your needs. Welcome to provide your ideas and designs for further discussion.



The way to make soft PVC key ring is to put the paint upside down in a mold to add color and then bake it. Therefore, the three-dimensionality of the design will be limited by the way of entering the color, because the liquid paint cannot be attached to the surface that is too three-dimensional, so when designing, some pattern details should be avoided to extend to the edge too much.


There is another related product of soft PVC key ring called soft PVC key cover or key holders. The function of the key holder is to decorate a single key product. It can also provide a function with LED lights, so that you can use it at night or in a dark environment without worrying about finding the keyhole. The design of the key holder can be offered in thin style and thick style. The production is all double-sided laminating, and both 2D and 3D methods can be provided.
The color of the LED light can also be selected.


Because the material of PVC key ring is soft, it will not scratch other items in the bag, so it is often used to make key ring products.  In addition, the weight of PVC is relatively light, so it is also suitable for producing large-size key ring products. When you want a cheap and customized key ring, soft PVC key ring is a good choice.


The 2D flat production way is the most general method of soft PVC key ring. The logo is a full plane design and can be printed on it. The design can be single-sided design or double-sided lamination design.

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The 3D approach is slightly embossed on the surface, which can add a sense of dynamics to the design. If the surface three-dimensionality is not too much, printing can be done on it as well. The design can be single-sided design or double-sided lamination design.

custom 3d miniatures、custom pvc keyrings


The full 3D approach is presented in the form of double-sided lamination. When using the full 3D approach, you need to provide the four-sided drawing of the design (front/back/top/bottom), and the mold is hand-carved by the master, so it is recommended to make a sample first.

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  • It is simple to make your own soft PVC keychain. You have to design your soft PVC keychain and confirm size, effect, color and quantity. You may check our website to see different production ways of effect. After having an idea in your mind, you can contact us for further information and get a quote. Once each detail is confirmed, we can proceed for production.

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