Commemorative coins have a long history. From the government-issued commemorative coins for events and activities, to private events, they often make commemorative coins for participants to collect and commemorate. According to the production method, the commemorative coin has 2D, 3D, single-sided, double-sided, filled color, pure metal expression, mirror surface… and other different LOGO presentation methods. The material can be divided into iron, brass, zinc alloy, and pure silver. There are also different ways of presenting edge practices. In here, you can see the introduction of commemorative coins for different practices.

Airforce Challenge Coins



Marktex is the professional custom coin maker.
Over 20 years experienced OEM manufacturer, Marktex can offer many different textured crafts for coin products. No matter the basic 2D coin, 3D coin, or mirror effect coins, we can all fulfill your needs.

Commemorative coins are the products which are capable of showing metal characteristics and design textures.  The layered design, contrast of bright and matte surfaces, and the collision of colors and plating colors make each commemorative coin full of unique beauty.

Can’t wait to make your own coin? Please contact Marktex, the OEM challenge coin maker.

2D effect

2D Effect

3D effect

3D Effect

soft enamel-coin

Soft Enamel

hard enamel-coin

Hard Enamel

layered design

Layered Design

The most welcome 2D commemorative coins:
2D commemorative coins are the most commonly ordered products by general customers.
You can choose soft enamel or hard enamel as the filled colors.
The logo can be single-sided or double-sided design.
We also provide a variety of plating options to make your commemorative coins more varied.

Special colored commemorative coins:
Besides to general solid colors, you can also choose semi-transparent colors to rich the changes of the design and make it more layered.

Other special commemorative coins:
In addition to the above commemorative coins, Marktex can also provide many customized commemorative coin products with different methods. Please contact me for more information!


The most popular 3D commemorative coins:
The embossment of the 3D commemorative coin brings the unique texture of metal.
And the use of antique effect brings changes in light and dark, which is quite artistic.

The most textured mirror effect commemorative coin:
Either stamped or injected commemorative coins, Marktex can also provide mirrored commemorative coins.
The mirrored commemorative coin brings the texture of an imitation commemorative coin, and the interlacing of the shiny and matte surfaces makes the overall commemorative coin more textured.



Military coins are the most widely produced subject of commemorative coins. Military units, veterans’ associations and military commemorative events…etc. make relevant commemorative coins every year. The public can obtain historical knowledge about these events and inherited spiritual and cultural heritage through the issuance of commemorative coins. This is the significance of the issuance of commemorative coins.

Military Challenge Coins-1
Military Challenge Coins-2
Military Challenge Coins


Police coins and firefighter coins are also a popular subject for commemorative coin. It is used to commemorate the heroic and outstanding police officers who serve the people. With the concept of limited edition, it can increase collection value even more. You can also make a blank design on the commemorative coin so that the grantor can engrave his or her name or number to increase its uniqueness.

police coin
police coin-2
police coin-1


Commemorative coins are also very suitable as gifts for specific groups or events. It is a good way to record events and keep memories through commemorative coins. You can also learn about organizational changes and major events from the commemorative coins issued over the years.

Membership Coins-1
Membership Coins
Membership Coins-2


  • It is simple to make your own coin. You have to design your coin and decide size, effect, plating color and quantity of you coin. You may check our website to see different production ways of coin effect. After having an idea in your mind, you can contact us for further information and get a quote. Once every details are confirmed, we can proceed for production.

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