Have you ever used your beloved porcelain cup set to enjoy a good teatime in a leisurely afternoon, but worried about the beautiful wooden table surface being scratched by the bottom of the porcelain cup? Are you ever worried about the cold drink cup that water drip on outside the cup making table slippery? Usually you need to use coasters at this time. Maybe you used to have a party at home, but the water drip of the cold drink bottle flow on the table. At this time, you need a Bar-Mat, the recessed part of Bar-Mat can store the water drip that from the cold drink bottle and not flow to table.

There are many materials for coasters and Bar-mat on the market, such as paper, fabric, soft PVC, silicone, cork, tinplate, aluminum, etc.  Below we are going to introduce you Soft PVC coasters and Bar-Mat.  If you are interested in other soft PVC products, please click on the link to check other soft PVC products

environmentally friendly

Due to the characteristics of soft PVC, it is very suitable for producing customized and colorful coasters or bar-mat with various shapes.  The unit price and mold cost of Soft PVC custom coasters or bar-mat are more competitive than other material.  For lower budgets or small quantity projects, this is a very good processing and material for making custom drink coasters or bar-mat. We use environmentally friendly Soft PVC material to produce our soft PVC custom coasters and bar-mat.  Our soft PVC custom coasters and bar-mat are fully compliant with EN71, lead and cadmium testing, and do not contain ATBC-PVC materials and do not contain phthalates.  This is also in full compliance with EU environmental standards and will not cause environmental damage to our planet.

Using Soft PVC to make custom coasters or bar-mat can also make coasters or bar-mat with rich colors and various shapes with personal characteristics.  It is very suitable for commercial advertising and souvenirs for tourist attractions.  You can make the company’s brand name or identification pattern on the coasters or bar-mat, or make a new product image on the coaster or bar-mat, which can offer a very good advertising effect. Or make an event image on the coasters or bar-mat then give it to participants as a souvenir after the event is over.

We can also make famous landmarks on the custom coasters or bar-mat, such as Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, or London Ben, or the Eiffel Tower, etc., I believe there will be many tourists want to bring some souvenirs home after visiting famous attractions. Soft PVC custom coasters or bar-mat will be a good souvenir for them.

Soft PVC custom coasters and bar-mat image can be made into 2D effect, 3Deffect, and printing. Most of the soft PVC custom coasters and bar-mat are usually flat 2D effect. For example, the beverage company will put their company name and the newly launched new beverages on the front of the coaster or bar-mat.  Then presented to consumers when they going to buy beverages.  That might deepen the consumer’s image of the company’s brand and new products when trying new beverages. In addition, we can display famous landmarks or activities in tourist attractions in 3D effect, the 3D effect will make the image more vivid and lively. In addition, if we need to make a scene with a gradient color effect, such as a sunset view.  We will use printing to present the gradient color effect.
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  • It is simple to make your own soft PVC coaster. You have to design your soft PVC coaster and confirm size, effect, color and quantity. You may check our website to see different production ways of effect. After having an idea in your mind, you can contact us for further information and get a quote. Once each detail is confirmed, we can proceed for production.

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