LAPEL PINS have a long history in human society. In addition to being used to indicate identity, brooch pins nowadays have become a popular accessory. Commonly used techniques for making custom metal pins include colorway for soft enamel, imitation hard enamel, screen printing, and offset printing. And molding in stamping (die struck), photo etching, die-casting.

Surface treatment in plating, electrophoresis, color plating, rainbow plating (iridescent), anodize and antique effect.

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Making custom pins is quite easy. First of all, you have to design your metal pins and confirm the size, production way and quantity. If you have no idea which options you have to making custom pins, here’s a briefly introduction of the crafts of lapel pins for your reference

SOFT ENAMEL and HARD ENAMEL are the most popular way for coloring metal lapel pins. But can you tell the difference between soft enamel and hard enamel? This video will explain the feature of these 2 paints and show you the details of the difference.

SOFT ENAMEL is the most common way for custom metal pins. The recessed part of the badge can be filled in colors, and the raised part of the badge can be used for various electroplating effects. The surface can be coated with a layer of transparent protective resin (Epoxy). This process is commonly known as “dome” (note that because of light refraction, the surface of the badge will be bright after the epoxy is applied), but the soft enamel badge after adding epoxy the unevenness is lost, but it can protect the logo.  The color for soft enamel is bright, the lines are clear and lively, and the metal material has a strong texture. You can use brass or iron as the raw material. The iron stamped soft enamel badge is cheap and good. If you have a small budget, you can’t miss it!

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IMITATION HARD ENAMEL is the extension product of cloisonné. Due to the cost for cloisonné is high and color option is few, the imitation hard enamel paint has born. There are many other name for imitation hard enamel such as resin cloisonné, fake enamel, resin epola, epola enamel. Sometimes people call it hard enamel but actually it is for imitation hard enamel.
The surface of the imitation hard enamel badge is flat. (relative to soft enamel, in fact, the metal lines on the surface of the imitation hard enamel badge are still a little raised with your fingers) The lines on the surface of the badge can be plated with gold, silver and many other plating colors, the imitation hard enamel is filled between the metal lines.
Imitation hard enamel badges, exquisite craftsmanship, the enamel color surface is smooth, particularly delicate, giving people a very high-end luxury feeling. It is the first choice for badge making process. If you prefer to make a beautiful and high-end badge, please choose the imitation hard enamel badge.

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バッジ制作、ピンバッジ オリジナル

STAMPING BADGES generally use materials such as brass, zinc alloy, aluminum, iron…etc., which can also be called metal badges. Among them, because brass is the softest and most suitable for making badges, the lines of brass stamping badges are the clearest, followed by zinc alloy badges, and the corresponding brass stamping badges have the highest price. The surface of the stamped badge can be subjected to various electroplating effects. The concave part of the stamped badge can also be processed into a matt effect.

ピンバッジ オーダー メイド、バッジ オーダーメイド

Divided into SILKSCREEN PRINTING, the materials used are mainly stainless steel and brass. The surface of brass or stainless steel for printing badges is not plated, but natural color or with brush lines is used. Silkscreen printing badges are mainly aimed at simple graphics and fewer colors.
OFFSET PRINTING is for complex patterns, more colors, especially gradient colors.

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silkscreen printing
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  • To make your own lapel pin, please kindly confirm the production way you prefer for your design. The price will be different in each production way and coloring process. If you cannot sure which presentation is best for your design, please contact us for professional suggestion.

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