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Bottle opener can be said to be an item that every family will own, and may be to have just more than one! Because of its universality, the bottle opener series products always rank top in the gift list. The reason why the bottle opener is popular is that it provides many choices of materials and produce methods, so that consumers can choose their favorite bottle opener products as gifts or travel souvenirs.
Marktex is the professional custom bottle opener manufacturer who can provide you with a variety of bottle opener series products. Here, you can see related metal bottle opener products. If you like other material options, we can also have soft PVC bottle opener products.


Depends on different material, we can offer metal bottle opener in material stainless steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, and iron.
According to your design, you can choose different suitable methods to present.


If your design is a simple 2D design, size is less than 50mm, and you want a unique design but have budget considerations, then the iron stamping bottle opener is a good choice for you. The price of the iron stamping bottle opener is relatively cheap, and it has the texture of metal weight when held in the hand, but the disadvantage is that it is less durable. After a long time, the electroplating layer in contact with the bottle collar will rust after the plating layer falls off.


Zinc alloy material is very suitable for 3D or hollow design, and large-size designs are also available. If you want to make a 3D metal bottle opener, you can choose a zinc alloy bottle opener, but the disadvantage is that the mold cost is high.


The aluminum alloy bottle opener is extruded from aluminum, which can be applied to changeable appearance designs, and the surface treatment of aluminum is anodized. Marktex can provide 13 kinds of anodized colors for selection, with rich and varied colors options. The aluminum material is very light and easy to carry, so aluminum alloy bottle openers are often designed as bottle opener key ring products, providing multi-functional options.


The stainless steel surface does not require plating and will not get rust. It is the most durable material among all options. For products with a small quantity, you can choose the wire-cut appearance, no mold cost, but only suitable for simple appearance design. The logo can choose printing, laser engraving or full color printing.


The general LOGO process of the metal bottle opener is printing and laser engraving. Stamping and injection methods can also be matched with filled color options.

custom metal bottle opener


custom metal bottle opener-2

Laser Engraving

custom metal bottle opener-3

Filled Color

custom metal bottle opener-1


custom metal bottle opener-4

Injection Method


The cost of molds for metal products is a little bit of high. If you have a small quantity or don’t want to pay for the molds, Marktex provides some open designed metal bottle openers for you to choose from. You can print your logo on it which is very suitable for small purchases.


  • To make your own bottle opener, please kindly confirm the production way you prefer for your design. The price will be different in each production way and coloring process. If you cannot sure which presentation is best for your design, please contact us for professional suggestion.

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