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The low birth-rate of child makes more and more families have pets. For their beloved companion, breeders are more and more willing to spend money to give them a better material life. For the safety of your baby dog or cat lovely companion, Marktex can provide a variety of customized pet leash and collar products, using high-quality materials and professional production process. There are different styles to choose from, providing the most high-end pet collar and leash products for you.

Why Are Dog Collars Important

Dogs love sports. Just imagine that if you let the dog run on its own, the dog will easily get lost and get hurt. Wearing a collar for the dog can lead and control the dog well, appropriately restrict the dog’s free movement, and avoid unnecessary injury to the dog. Therefore, breeders must let their pet dogs develop the habit of wearing collars since childhood. So, do you know how to choose a dog collar?


To choose an collar for your pet dog, first of all, of course, you must measure the dog’s neck circumference and ensure that the dog collar is safe and comfortable to wear. Use a soft ruler to enclose the dog’s neck. Take care to put two fingers between the enclosed soft ruler (dog collar). Its width should not exceed the width of the two fingers, otherwise it will easily slip out of the ears. In addition, at the same time, the soft ruler should not be allowed to hold the dog’s neck, generally keep a little loose. After determining the dog’s neck circumference, it is necessary to choose a suitable dog collar according to its needs. Marktex can provide a variety of different types of collar products, and the collar styles of these different materials will be different as well.

PU collar


Very sturdy, this kind of belt type buckle is recommended for dogs with higher strength. No matter how hard the dog is, it is impossible to break the collar.

The punctured part will be deformed after a long time, and the metal collar of nylon in the punched part will fall off after a period of time. Although it does not affect the use, it is not very beautiful.

Many small dog collars use this kind of buckle. The color can match the color of the collar, which is very beautiful.
Beautiful and very convenient to use, you can buckle it when you take the dog out every day.

Not sturdy, and there is a danger of breaking if the dog pulls hard. Not suitable for larger dogs.

pet collar



Most pet breeders will use a dog leash to their dogs. Bring a leash to the dog for easy management, and has a certain precautionary effect on the safety of the dog. Leashing the dog in public places can not only prevent the dog from running around. Fearing vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children and influencing others can also reduce the possibility of dogs swallowing foreign objects, reduce the probability of dog accidents, and effectively prevent dogs from being lost. Therefore, qualified dog leash production will be very important. Marktex is a qualified supplier of pet leashes and can provide high-quality pet leash products. Generally, the material of the leash is mostly nylon, because nylon is cheap, strong and durabl. Besides, it is man-made fiber, there are many colors to choose, and it does not shrink after washing which can be reused as long as it has been cleaned. But the disadvantage is that the nylon fiber is relatively thick, so it will be a bit scratchy in use. It can be used with neoprene material in the grip to provide more protection and comfort. The leash product can also be matched with a chest strap, which is more comfortable than the combination of a collar with a dog leash, and can provide better protection to avoid discomfort and rebelliousness.

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With a length of 50 cman ultra-short leash, the dog is restricted to the owner’s feet.
50-75 cm lengthMost commonly used when walking
150 to 375 cm lengthUsually used during training.
180 to 300 cmCan relax the dog’s range of activities
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  • To make your own pet collars or pet leashes, please kindly confirm the production way you prefer for your design. The price will be different in each production way and coloring process. If you cannot sure which presentation is best for your design, please contact us for professional suggestion.

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