custom leather card holder、leather card case

Customized leather souvenirs

Leather is a material with rich texture and timeless appeal. From ancient civilizations to modern society, leather has always been one of people’s favorite materials. Even today, leather is still representative of high-end products. It represents taste, style, and timeless value. The texture of leather is very rich, and each pattern and color is unique. This makes each leather product have a unique style and charm. Leather products have a wide range of uses, whether they are decorative or practical, they can show your elegant style and unique personality. Marktex provides customized leather products services, whether it’s leather keychains, luggage tags, card holders, passport covers, etc. These products can be combined with your company logo, design, slogan, etc. Size, shape, color, and accessories all can be customized. Leather can be embossed, hot stamped, silver imprint, gold imprint, printed, etc. on the surface, and can also be colored or laser-engraved on metal accessories, providing you with high-standard customized leather gift services. Leather is an irreplaceable material with high value. Let’s enjoy the luxury and charm that leather brings together!


Marktex can provide real leather and synthetic leather for you to choose from. Genuine leather has full grain leather and split leather; synthetic leather has PU leather, recycled leather…etc. The color of the leather can be selected from the stock colors, if you have large quantity, you can also dye the specified leather color.  You may have found that why the color of genuine leather is not consistent? This is because of the material characteristics of genuine leather and the reason of hand dyeing. The leather of genuine leather is cow, and each piece of cowhide is unique. There are some special lines or scars on the surface of the cowhide, which will affect the dye absorption by the leather. Therefore, even the same batch of dyed leather, the color will not be the same, but this is also the charming part of genuine leather, every product is unique.

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HOT SALE Leather Product Series

Leather products have always been popular items in the fashion industry. They are loved by consumers for their high quality and durability. Marktex offers a range of customized leather gift services and welcomes you to provide design to create your exclusive leather products. Leather can combine modern fashion with classic style, allowing you to refresh and showcase your confidence and charm on any occasion. Marktex recommends the following popular leather series products for your reference:

Leather chip holder

Leather Accessory

Leather key ring

Leather Key Ring

Leather card holder、ID badge holder

Leather Card Holder / ID Badge Holder

leather luggage tag、custom luggage tag

Leather Luggage Tag

Custom Leather Passport case / Luggage tag 

Traveling is always a relaxing and enjoyable experience. To have a unique leather passport cover and luggage tag can add to the excitement of your journey. Marktex offers high-quality leather passport covers and luggage tag customization services, and you can design your unique product by choosing your favorite leather material and color on our website. The product can be combined with the company logo or design patterns to create an exclusive corporate peripheral gift for you. In addition to its calm texture, the leather passport cover is highly practical. The various pages and compartments on the cover can not only store your passport but also hold important items such as plane tickets, credit cards, and currency, bringing you more convenience during your travels.

Custom Leather Passport case 、 Luggage tag
custom leather keychains、custom bottle openers keychain

leather keyring/bottle opener

In addition to its fashionable looking, leather keychains also have high practicality. They can not only easily manage your keys, but also decorate your handbag or backpack. You can wear it anywhere, so you no longer need to search through your entire bag to find your keys.  Marktex can provide you with a variety of custom leather keychain products made from different materials, which can be customized in terms of size, shape, color, or accessories. You can choose to use techniques such as embossing, stamping, silver imprint, gold imprint or printing on the surface of the leather, as well as combining metal studs to create an attractive and high-quality leather keychain accessory.  Please contact Marktex now to create your own high-end leather keyring for impressing brand image


There are generally three ways to make a leather key ring logo: make it direct on the leather, make it on the hardware accessories, and make an additional tag Regarding the methods of making a logo on leather, there are debossing, printing, gold imprint, silver imprint… and other processes. For recessed logo, the recessed logo is still the natural color of the leather. Some lighter colors such as brown color, after applying protection it may be a little bit of darker, but basically the color of the logo and the body are the same. If you want a different color effect, you can choose the color-changing leather material. The logo recessed will be in darker color, which can bring out the level of change. The printed logo can be silkscreen printing in the designated Pantone color number and printed on the leather surface. However, it is recommended not to exceed two colors for silk screen printing, because printing will cause displacement problems. Besides, it can also be used for gold imprint or silver imprint, and it will have a good effect with dark leather colors.

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full color printing




  • To make your own leather souvenirs, please kindly confirm the material and production way you prefer for your design. The price will be different in each production way and materials. If you cannot sure which presentation is best for your design, please contact us for professional suggestion.

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