Custom Made Dog Tags & Personalized Military Tags

Dog tags, also called military tags, have recently found their way into youth fashion by way of custom made dog tags. Originally worn as a part of a military uniform by youth wishing to present a tough or militaristic image, dog tags have since seeped out into wider fashion circles. They may be inscribed with a person’s details, their beliefs or tastes, a favorite quote, or may bear the name or logo of a band or performer. Some people also prefer to have the information on their tags transferred to a smaller, sometimes golden or silver tag by a jeweler, as the original tag can be considered too large and bulky by some.
Since the late 1990s, custom dog tags have become fashionable amongst musicians (particularly rappers), and as a marketing give-away item. Numerous companies offer customers the opportunity to create their own personalized dog tags with their own photos, logos, and text. Even high-end jewelers have featured gold and silver dog tags encrusted with diamonds and other jewels.
Marktex can provide different material and process custom made dog tags for you.
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Dog tag products can be made of iron, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and zinc alloy…etc. The logo can be used for filling colors, printing and laser engraving. According to different effects, there will be different suggested matching practices. If you are not too familiar with the way of making dog tags, we will provide some frequently-made dog tag crafts and effects for your reference.

ドッグタグ ファッション


ドッグタグ オリジナル

Enamel filling

ドッグタグ 作成

Offset printed decal

custom made dog tag necklaces

Laser engraving

custom dog tags necklaces


Laser engraving dog tags can be provided by many different materials such as stainless steel, iron, brass, aluminum, zinc alloy… etc.
Since the laser engraving logo looks like a matte surface, bright plating is recommended for electroplating. If matte plating is used, the performance of the laser engraving will not be obvious. In addition, aluminum dog tags can provide anodized colors, and Marktex can provide 13 anodized colors to choose from, and the effect of laser engraving presents good in this way.

dog engraved tag
dog tag engrave
engraving dog tag


Stainless steel dog tags can have different types and thickness options, the logo can be laser engraved, colored or printed.  Stainless steel dog tags are generally not provided with electroplating because they will not get rust, and the surface will be brushed.

dog tags stainless steel
dogtags custom、stainless steel dog tag
customize dog tag、promotional dog tag key tags


Dog tags can also be changed with different designs, such as a dog tag bottle opener or a dog tag key ring. There are many changes in dog tags, do you have a unique idea? Contact us quickly to realize your design.



Military brand products have recently been used as accessories for popular collocations, and the retro style has also brought a personalized design, which is very popular among the young. In addition to making dog tag necklaces and key rings, they are also often used as clothing accessories and bag pendants. If you are afraid that the metal edges will hurt other objects, you can also buy rubber loop for protection.

military engraved dog tags
military tags、metal tag custom
metal dog tag、military tag
Plating Color chart

plating color chart

Different plating colors bring different effects to your badge. Besides classic plating colors, Marktex could also offer color plating and rainbow plating, please check plating color chart to see more plating options.
should there be any question or need to quote, please feel free to contact us

dog tags metal、custom army dog tags


  • To make your own dog tag, please kindly confirm the production way you prefer for your design. The price will be different in each production way and coloring process. If you cannot sure which presentation is best for your design, please contact us for professional suggestion.

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