As a well-known promotional product, lanyard has always been popular in the market. Not only it can imprint brand logo for advertising, lanyard can also provide additional functions to enrich its value. This is the reason why lanyard can last popularity always. Lanyards make exceptional promotion items boasting both functionality and high visibility of your name, logo or message at a low cost. Used for employee ID cards, school, tradeshows, special events. Fabric is polyester or nylon. 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm wide is the most popular width. Printed, embroidery logo is available.
The common styles of lanyard are: 1. Polyester imprinted lanyards  2. Nylon imprinted lanyards  3. Tube imprinted lanyards  4.  Heat transfer lanyards or full-color lanyards
Each production way and material can inspire to different texture and effect. That is why lanyard always charming and popular no matter time goes by.

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