Customized Product Description

What is a customized product?

Customization is a personalized service that is tailored to meet the specific needs of customers. It can involve customizing the appearance, color, material, and functionality of a product to meet the customer’s needs. It is important to note that for business giveaways, customized products have a minimum order quantity usually, which is different from personalized products that are sold individually in the market.

Why you need a customized product?

By enhancing the characteristics of the enterprise or brand on the product, users can deepen their impression of the enterprise or brand. At the same time, because of its practicality, users will repeatedly use the product, turning the intangible gift into the best promotional item.

Customized design and manufacturing of B2B souvenirs and business gifts: suitable for corporate awards or recognition events, or for gifting to customers and partners. This can help enhance relationships, deepen impressions, and demonstrate friendly public etiquette, thereby establishing a positive corporate image.

Promotional items for new product launches, exhibition promotions, brand marketing events, promotional giveaways, and advertising gifts: to be given to participants at the event site.

Shareholders memorial gifts, member gifts, store visit gifts: suitable for distributing gifts at shareholder meetings or as gifts for new members.

Car selling gifts, anniversary gifts for department stores: suitable as full-amount gifts for customers who make purchases in the store.

Concert merchandise and souvenirs, music festival gifts, movie merchandise: provided to participants for use on-site or as commemorative items after the event. Examples include customized fan support items and EVA sponge cheering gloves.

Marathon and road race gifts, sports competition souvenirs, race gifts, sports event gifts: provided to participants as registration and completion gifts. Examples include medals, sports wristbands, sports wrist guards, and multi-functional headbands.

Applicable to products that are based on cultural creativity or feature unique elements of religion. This can cover industries such as publishing, music, performing arts, film, visual arts, etc. Usually, because of their uniqueness, the meaning cannot be expressed through public merchandise, making them particularly suitable for customized gift production.

Customized production of various commemorative items related to religion, such as portrait keychains, lucky charms, Bible bracelets, commemorative coins of religious leaders, etc.

Authorized gifts, cultural and creative gifts, mascot gifts, anime peripheral products as gifts, and museum souvenirs.

Open design products x Partial customization: providing customized products in the most economical way.

Customized production of various open design products: including birthday gifts, graduation memorabilia, Valentine’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, Father’s Day gifts, Teacher’s Day gifts, Halloween gifts, Christmas exchange gifts, and customized souvenirs.

Sports competition souvenirs and merchandise: golf hat clips, divot repair tools, golf ball sets.

From the source factory (Marktex Company) to supply open design product to the gift shop (retail store), and then various gift shops complete the subsequent operations such as printing, labeling, stickers, and packaging according to individual B2C small quantity customization. If your demand is above 300pcs, Marktex can provide full-service according to your needs.

What are the differences in customization levels? What are the corresponding gift options for each level of customization?

In terms of customization level, it can be broadly categorized into simple customization (customization level 10-20%), moderate customization (customization level 50-60%), and complete customization (customization level 90-100%).
Simple customization (10~20% customization level): Only printing text or laser engraving logo on existing products.
For example: products in stock such as multi-functional card knives, webcam covers (in black/white/wheat colors), 3C accessory sets, umbrellas, water bottles, etc. can only be customized with existing styles, colors, and packaging for printing or laser-engraving logos. The customization options are direct printing on the product or printing the logo on a sticker and attach it to the product.

Webcam Cover

Webcam cover

gel pad

Gel pad

Medium customization (customization level 50-60%): existing products can be customized in terms of color and printed with text or logo.

For products without stock but with existing molds, such as advertising fans, makeup mirrors, leather keyrings, colored webcam covers, metal luggage tags, open design badges, golf sets (divot tools and ball markers), silicone purses, silicone cup lids, and existing aluminum bottle openers can be customized in terms of color and printed with text or logo.

You can choose different colors, accessories, plating colors, and packaging for the same product style.

Personalized Compact Mirror、custom makeup mirrors

Personalized compact mirror

advertising fans

Advertising fans

Car Phone Number Parking Plate

Car phone number parking plate

Complete customization (customization level 90-100%): the product is entirely customized from the mold to the final product.

All details, including shape, plating, color, thickness, and packaging, are customized to your specifications, and a dedicated mold is created for your design. Even accessories can be custom-made with exclusive designs and functions, making this the highest level of customization.

More than 80% of the products produced by Marktex are fully customized. With decades of experience in custom products and services for European, American, and Japanese customers, we can provide the most professional communication and recommendations for production methods to produce products that best fit your budget and delivery schedule.

Ex: keyrings, commemorative coins, 3D figurines, fridge magnets, soft PVC luggage tags, towel holders, non-slip mats, lanyards, crew tags, leather card holders, and AirTag protective cases.

What is the process for customized gifts?


Recommended customized gift options from Marktex

Our professional team will bring your creativity to life based on your needs and requirements.

If you are unsure of which gift to choose, please contact us and provide us with information about the intended recipient (gender/age), the event details (indoor/outdoor/day/night), the purpose (utility/commemoration), and your budget.

We will suggest the best gift options based on the information provided, and you are also welcome to contact us for further discussion.


B2B gifts: Metal lapel pins/badges, cufflinks, stainless steel business cards, custom keychains, custom soft PVC USB covers, etc.

Promotional gifts & advertising giveaways: silicone wristbands, gel pads, phone stands, soft PVC towel holder, etc.

Various merch products (movies/concerts/supporting stuff): magnets, military tag key rings, matel stickers,, cheering gloves, LED light-up products, LED flashing lanyard, etc.

Sports and Outdoor Souvenirs: Various medals, embroidered patches, carabiner keyring sets, multi-functional Swiss knife sets, golf ball sets, multi-functional headbands, etc.

Religious Souvenirs: Portrait Keychains, Commemorative Coins, Mirrored Commemorative Coins, Quote Cards, Bookmarks, etc.

Authorized and cultural novelty gifts: High-frequency LED key chains, character figurines, bendable soft PVC hooks, soft PVC fridge magnets, metal bottle openers, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, transparent bookmarks, etc.