Customized refrigerator magnets are often used to make in material soft PVC, polyresin, metal… etc. We will introduce you to the relevant information about soft PVC refrigerator magnets here. If you are also interested in metal magnets, paper magnets or polyresin magnets, you can click the link to watch the related content.

The soft PVC refrigerator magnet is a very simple and convenient small object that can be attached to the refrigerator. The backside of the magnetic refrigerator magnet is a black soft magnet, and the other side is an attractive pattern or individual design. The soft PVC fridge magnet is used for interior decoration to increase the beauty and visual sense and add some fun to people’s life.


Soft PVC is used as refrigerator magnets with rubber magnets because of its soft material. Soft PVC is rich in color and is very suitable for making decorative refrigerator magnets. You can design and present your company brand and logo on it. It is also very suitable as a souvenir of tourist attractions, and can be used to make landmarks, buildings and other scenery.

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custom.fridge magnets、custom soft PVC magnets
custom fridge magnets、custom soft PVC magnets


Quality:For professionals, we may able to judge whether the product is complete or not by the checking the drying situation of the product. When we take out the product from oven, we have to fold it slightly. If it cracks, it proves that it is not dry enough and needs to be reprocessed.
Color and position: Generally speaking, soft PVC refrigerator magnet is all for customizing. So we have to compare if the effect of the production is the same as the requirements of the artwork or sample. If so, then it is qualified.
Accessory assembly: Next, for soft PVC refrigerator magnet, the mainly function is to stick to the top of the refrigerator, so we need to see if the bottom is flat enough to ensure that it can be attached onto the refrigerator. In addition, it is necessary to confirm whether there are bubbles in the place where the soft magnet on the back where is pasted. If there are bubbles, the soft PVC and the soft magnet will not fit together well, and we need to reprocess it.
After checking all the above parts, it is necessary to check the quality of the entire PVC refrigerator magnet. You need to see whether the soft PVC refrigerator magnet has impurities, bubbles or serious color mixing. Only by ensuring that every part is perfect, then we can arrange shipment for you.


The appearance of the soft PVC refrigerator magnet can be customized, and the soft magnet used with it can also be cut according to the appearance of the refrigerator magnet. However, if the attachment area is too small, the soft magnet is easy to fall off, so it is not recommended to cover the soft magnet in small area. If your product size is large, you can also choose strong magnetic accessories.

Anime Fridge Magnet

The colorful colors are very suitable for presenting related products of anime characters. The effect presented has a high degree of fit with the actual character. Therefore, soft PVC products of cartoon characters are always very popular.

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Mascot Fridge Magnet

The mascot refrigerator magnet is a very popular product when hosting sports events. The series of products designed for different events and venues are not only commemorative but also valuable for collection. In addition, the mascot series products for the company’s brand are often made into refrigerator magnet, such as theme characters in amusement parks…etc.

Scenic Fridge Magnet

The biggest theme of the refrigerator magnet products is the souvenirs of the scenic area. When you travel, you always want to bring some souvenirs back home with you. What followed home was not a refrigerator magnet, but a short and sweet memory. Refrigerator magnets loaded with happy memories, attach in places that can be seen all the time, in addition to recalling the good of the time, are also preparing for the next trip.

customized refrigerator magnet、custom soft PVC magnets
customized fridge magnet、rubber magnet

Packaging Method

custom soft PVC magnets、customize fridge magnet


  • It is simple to make your own soft PVC magnets. You have to design your soft PVC magnets and confirm size, effect, color and quantity. You may check our website to see different production ways of effect. After having an idea in your mind, you can contact us for further information and get a quote. Once each detail is confirmed, we can proceed for production.

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