Customized Luggage Tags are often to be made of material Soft PVC, Embroidery, Aluminum, Stainless Steel etc.  We are going to introduce you the relevant information about Soft PVC Luggage Tags here.  If you are also interested by other materials, please click the link to check the related content. Customized Soft PVC Luggage Tags can present company brand and logo on it and also can put landmarks, buildings and other scenery on it to be a souvenir of tourist attractions.  Soft PVC is a rich color material.  It is very suitable for making decorative luggage tags. The shape of Soft PVC luggage tags are variously.  It can be rectangular, round or flag shapes.  It also can be mountain, car or airplane shape etc.  The surface effect can be regular 2D effect or a little 3D effect for making luggage tag image more vividly.

custom bag tag、promotional luggage tags

Fittings Options

Even though the shape of the soft PVC luggage tag is variously, it is still limited by the information that must be presented on the back.  The standard Soft PVC luggage tag is rectangular shape with ABS backing frame, information paper card and transparent PVC sheet on backing.  If Soft PVC luggage tag shape is not rectangular shape or size (backing space) is not enough to put an ABS backing frame on it, then we will print information column on backing.  The background of information column will be printed by writable painting.  So, we can write our information on it by regular marking pen.

luggage tag with logo、custom luggage tag
custom luggage tag、bag tag customize
customize luggage bag、personalized travel luggage tags
customized bag tag、cute luggage tags

Soft PVC luggage tags also can be designed without ABS backing frame even the shape is rectangular and space is enough.  We can make a window on backing then make a very narrow open to slip information paper card inside the Soft PVC luggage tags.  The information paper card can be read from the backing widow.
We also can design to add a flap on backing to cover the information card and window to protect our personal information not too easy to be read.

The Soft PVC luggage tags will come with a PVC belt or PVC loop.  We can use the PVC belt or PVC loop to fix Soft PVC luggage tags on our luggage.


PVC Belt

pvc loop-2

PVC Loop

custom pvc loop

Custom PVC Loop

metal keychain

Metal Keychain


Some Airline companies or Travel agencies will offer free luggage tags to their clients as advertising.  They will put they airplane image or it, the airplane will be a little 3D effect.  Or Making company brand or logo on it by 2D effect.

customise luggage tag、custom suitcase tags
customised luggage tag、rubber luggage tag


The biggest theme of the Soft PVC Luggage Tags is the souvenirs of the scenic area.
Most travelers always want to bring some souvenirs back home when they arrive to a nice place.  What followed home was not a Soft PVC luggage, but a short and sweet memory.  Soft PVC Luggage Tags loaded with happy memories, attach in places that can be seen all the time, in addition to recalling the good of the time, are also preparing for the next trip.

Packaging Method

custom-luggage-tag、travel luggage tag


  • It is simple to make your own soft PVC luggage tags. You have to design your soft PVC luggage tag and confirm size, effect, color and quantity. You may check our website to see different production ways of effect. After having an idea in your mind, you can contact us for further information and get a quote. Once each detail is confirmed, we can proceed for production.

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