Acrylic, also known as organic glass, abbreviation PMMA, is a kind of transparent material. It can be divided into two types according to the production method: one is a hollow acrylic product and the other is a solid acrylic product and both can make in different patterns. The center of the hollow acrylic keychain can put the custom printing logo inlay into it. Acrylic key ring has the advantages of high gloss and good toughness, not easy to break. It can meet the individual pursuit of different needs, and it is durable as well. Acrylic keychains are simple and elegant in appearance, making them the most affordable promotional and advertising gift. The products are sold all over the world. It is well received by customers, but its disadvantage is that it is relatively brittle.


The light transmittance of acrylic is more than 92%, the dazzling crystal-like feeling is loved by female customer. And because of its transparency, you can put your favorite photos between two pieces of acrylic plates to make the keychain more unique and meaningful. Glass has the same transparency rate, but why don’t we choose glass material instead? Because the density of acrylic is only half that of glass, and it is not easy to break, even if it is broken, it will not form sharp fragments like glass.


For the key ring, existing metal fittings or customized metal fittings can be provided upon request. The main part is made of transparent acrylic material. According to the different needs of the demander, the designer can design a variety of product patterns, and then make products of different shapes, sizes and specifications according to the requirements, and can print company’s logo or patterns. It is an ideal gift for various corporate promotional activities. Acrylic products are very popular with people because they can be customized and designed. They are often used as gifts by merchants. So, what styles of acrylic keychains are available?
1.Appearance: The surface can be flat 2D or slight 3D.
2.Color: Acrylic can be added with transparent oil to make it all clear or translucent and can offer in luminous effect as well.

custom acrylic keychain
custom acrylic keychain-3
custom acrylic keychain-2
custom acrylic keychain-1

Acrylic products are mostly used in key rings or ornaments. Suitable for home decoration or promotional activities, this product has a strong three-dimensional effect, bright colors, good hand feeling, perfect visual effects, and best decoration & advertising effects!

custom T-Shaped Display Stand


Acrylic products can be customized according to the size and shape you want, and the mold opening fee is generally not too expensive. It is a common product in our daily life and many event promotions. So how do we judge the pros and cons of acrylic products?

  • Hardness: Hardness is one of the parameters that can express the production process and skills of acrylic, and it is an important part of quality control. Hardness can reflect the purity of the material PMMA.
  • Transparency: Strict material selection, advanced formula and modern production technology manufacturing ensure better transparency and pure whiteness of the board.

The above are some of the criteria for judging the quality of acrylic products. Acrylic products are bright in color and can meet the individual pursuit of different needs. Marktex specializes in custom production of gifts, fully meet the needs of personalized and customized gifts. Offer OEM custom products to Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries, mainly producing metal and plastic related souvenirs. Welcome to contact us for more information.

Packaging Method



  • It is simple to make your own acrylic products. You have to design your products and confirm production way, size, effect, colors and quantity. You may check our website to see different production ways of effect. After having an idea in your mind, you can contact us for further information and get a quote. Once each detail is confirmed, we can proceed for production.

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