As a symbol of achievement, medals are the goals that players strive for in various sports, school activities, and competitions. It represents not only affirmation of hard work, but also a confidence and affirmation. With the changes of the times, medal nowadays has more options and crafts in production, and the medal making crafts presented are becoming more mature and sophisticated. Besides stamping methods, there are injection methods that can provide better 3D, hollow, and full-dimensional effects.
The advancement of coating technology offering more choices of coloring, printing, UV printing and lenticular technology, the presentation of custom made medallions has become more diverse and more valuable for collection. Not only providing custom made medallions, Marktex also provides existing medals for you to choose. You don’t need to bear high mold costs, and you can customize our own medal in partial. If you have budget considerations, this will be a good choice. Contact us as soon as possible to ordering medals with your unique design!


Are you looking for ordering medals for your event? Marktex is an excellent medal manufacturer. We can provide our customers with medals in a variety of materials and practices. In addition, we can also provide ribbons and personalized packaging for medals. Please contact us now for more information.


The production of customized medals is not difficult, please prepare your design first, and then confirm the size, plating color and production method.
Medals are generally single-sided design, and surface design can be 2D or 3D. The molding methods include stamping and injection, and the coloring methods include soft enamel, imitation hard enamel, and epola. There are also many different ways to choose and match in craftsmanship to create your unique medal design.

Clear Acrylic Medal、Custom Acrylic Medal

Clear Acrylic Medal

custom made medallions-1

2D Effect

3D medal

3D Effect

custom made medallions-3

Soft Enamel

custom made medallions-5

Imitation Hard Enamel

mcustom made medallionsedallions,

Dual Plating

custom made medallions-2


custom made medallions-6


Marathon medals-2


Marathon medals are the most frequently ordered medal theme. In addition to the junior 5K medals and 10K medals, there are half marathon medals and full marathon medals, and some are fun marathon medals. Designed medals are not only beautiful and attractive, but also attract the attention of runners. Many marathon runners participate in order to get exquisite medals. And for the marathon events which has held every year, the marathon medal is not only an encouragement to the runners who complete the competition, but also a symbol of participation every year, and it has a high collection value as well. Each medal is a commemoration of the hard process, the courage to persist and the joy of completion.

Marathon medals-1
5k medals
Marathon medals


As long as there is a sports competition, there will be a winner, and the symbol of encouragement for the winner is the medal. We provide our customers with a variety of sports competition-related medal products every year. In addition to the basic 2D and 3D styles, special features such as spinning medals and hollow medals can also be customized. We can also provide a variety of different accessories and plating colors for selection. Providing professional suggestions for your different needs and logo design.

sport medals-2
sport medals-1
sport medals
sport medal


Some tourist attractions can make customize keychains to show some of the characteristics of this attraction. Many tourists who come to travel will like these keychains when they see it.

cudtom medallion
cudtom medallion-1
cudtom medallion-2


  • To make your own medal, please kindly confirm the production way you prefer for your design. The price will be different in each production way and coloring process. If you cannot sure which presentation is best for your design, please contact us for professional suggestion.

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