As a popular souvenir option among small gifts, keychains often appear in promotional gifts, conference gifts, and exhibition gifts. It is a must-select small gift for various events. Keychain products nowadays must be novel, unique, and practical to attract customers. At the same time, the price has to be nice and competitive.  The highlight of small creative gifts is very important. The keychain is just boring if you can only hang the key, so the creative selling idea is very important. We offer a vast selection of open-design leather key fobs and trolley token keychains (Caddy Coins) that are versatile and free of mold charge.

cute keychain、cute keychain


The keychain can gather keys and be carried with you, at the same time, it also has the practical functions of your daily life. This kind of creativity gives the keychain gift more space to develop, and also wins people’s attention and love.  The smaller the gift is, the more attention must be paid to the craftsmanship and details. Marktex can not only provide elegant personalized metal keychains, but also has the functional keychain with refrigerator magnet, bottle opener…etc. custom made keychains. Creative keychain gifts are not only low-cost, small size and novelty, but also require for precise craft. Most of the small creative gifts we choose are used in the event. Functional gifts will present its value to satisfy mostly people’s needs.



The image of cartoon characters can be more popular by making items as keychains to attractive more fans for buying and collection.

custom enamel keychains
cheap key rings、custom enamel keychains


It can be applied to personalized metal keychain items and personal accessories.  Many people like to get a keychain on their keys.  As a decoration, the keychain made of environmentally friendly process is not only beautiful but also protecting our earth.

custom key ring、custom keyring
custom keyring、custom key rings bulk
custom key rings bulk


Some tourist attractions can make customize keychains to show some of the characteristics of this attraction. Many tourists who come to travel will like these keychains when they see it.

metal keychains、custom made key chains
metal keychains、custom made key rings


When participating in the exhibition, you will get a lot of catalogs and company information. However, these papers are often inconvenient to carry or too heavy, which makes customers reluctant to take them. At this moment, you can make some small giveaways for customers to take back as a souvenir. The company’s relevant information can be printed on it, which is equivalent to a business card. You can show your own brand logo for your clients, it should also achieve a good publicity effect.

custom keychains for business、printing keychains
custom made keychains、printing keychains


Some companies can also customize keychains as corporate souvenirs on the anniversary.

metal keychains、custom made keyring
metal keychains、customize metal keychain


If you participate in some conferences, if you bring these keychains with your own brand, more people can understand your company.

coin key chain、1 and 2 euro trolley token
custom trolley coin keyrings

leather key fob

We offer a vast selection of open-design leather key fob, customized shape is also available.

Trolley token keychains

Caddy coin keyrings are one of the most effective low-cost giveaways, and adding a wishbone holder makes it superior!  To enrich the coins, we offer a vast selection of coin holders with Free Of Mold Charge!

Common Accessories

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  • To make your own keychain, please kindly confirm the production way you prefer for your design. The price will be different in each production way and coloring process. If you cannot sure which presentation is best for your design, please contact us for professional suggestion.

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