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Customized Metal Sticker

The design freedom of metal stickers is high, with smooth edges and a glossy surface, providing strong three-dimensional effects and durability.
Using high-quality metal logo stickers instead of regular printed logo stickers can enhance the level of your product and improve its boutique feel. Metal stickers can be used on logos of business cards or in the partial design of products. They are suitable for use on small to medium-sized items made of metal, plastic, wood, leather, etc., with limitless applications!
Please note that the sticker should be applied on a clean and flat surface. If it is to be applied on a curved surface, the adhesion should be tested for durability as the degree of curvature and the design of the metal sticker may affect its adhesion.
Metal creative stickers, logo stickers, personalized phone stickers, and product packaging metal stickers for cultural and creative products can all help create a unique personal style. If you want to add some fun to your boring stationery and everyday items, please order your own custom metal stickers now.
● What is the difference between metal stickers and stick plate?


Novelty products: Business card logo stickers (BMW/MONSTER), creative stickers, motorcycle stickers, car stickers, scooter logos.
Products: Packaging stickers, logo stickers, personalized phone stickers, home appliances, furniture, and wooden

metal stickers、logo sticker custom
custom logo sticker、metal label
metal sticker custom、embossed sticker
logo sticker、custom logo sticker

Metal sticker specifications

logo sticker custom

Material : pure nickel (metal)
Thickness : 0.04~0.08mm
Surface effect : gloss, matt, sand, brushed, dual colors, layers
Min. size : depends on design
Max. size : approx. 310x250mm (depends on design)
Color : plating, filled color
Sticker : 3M adhesive sticker

Color way & surface treatment

matel stickers
matel stickers、metal labels custom

How to use?

metal sticker-2

Align the sticker onto a flat and clean surface, then peel off the adhesive sticker from the back

metal sticker-3

Press 5 seconds from the front side of logo

metal sticker-4

Peel off the protect film

metal sticker-1

Perfectly done

★ NOTE ★
1.Metal stickers use 3M adhesive sticker, and it usually takes more than 48 hours after sticking for the adhesion to reach optimal strength. (Do not repeatedly peel off and re-stick)
2.Metal stickers are made of metal with a certain of flexibility. Please note that they can only be applied on flat surfaces.
3.Metal stickers are made of metal, and if used improperly, there may still be a risk of cuts. Please pay special attention to safety issues.
4.The ownership (copyright) of the products presented on this website belongs to the original trademark holder, and we do not sell them.
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What is the difference between metal stickers and stick plate?

3D sticker、logo to sticker


  • To make your own metal sticker, please kindly confirm the production way you prefer for your design. The price will be different in each production way and coloring process. If you cannot sure which presentation is best for your design, please contact us for professional suggestion.

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