The raw material of polyresin products is synthetic resin, and the mold is made of silicone. The mold cost is relatively cheap and can be produced in small quantities. Because the material of the silicone mold is very soft, the design development space is quite large. The resin material is close to ceramics. High hardness and weight, it can imitate a variety of different surface textures, but the disadvantage is that it is fragile and easy to break, so it is not suitable for too small line design, suitable for static decoration items. The tourist souvenir refrigerator magnet made of polyresin can be made into a three-dimensional effect through the advantages of good plasticity of resin material. Through the purely hand-painted coloring, the design colors of different requirements can be restored. The magnets used in accessories can choose black magnet, strong magnet and soft magnet.


The mold must be made before mass production. The mold of the resin product is made of soft silicone, which is not only low in cost, but also offering short production time.


Resin crafts present very well in reduction in details. The soft silicone mold is molded by the master mold, and it seamlessly surrounds the master mold during the curing process; while the production process of the resin crafts embryo body is cured by grouting, which happens to be the reverse process, so it can highly restore the master mold’s details.


If you want to customize glass and ceramic handicrafts, they will provide you with a minimum order quantity of at least 3000pcs or more than 5000pcs. But sometimes customer’s demand quantity is not that much, it will be a problem for you. In contrast, the MOQ for polyresin crafts is much smaller, such as MOQ for a small-size refrigerator magnet is 1,000pcs.

polyresin figurines


The surface of the polyresin crafts can be painted, spray painted… and other effects, it can imitate a variety of surface effects, and is a highly simulated material. For materials such as plastic, metal, glass, and PVC, the surface effect is not as changeable as polyresin. Of course, the advantages of resin crafts are far more than these, it also has the advantages of high temperature resistance and long storage time. But it also has some shortcomings, such as has larger tolerance in size and color caused by hand-made, and the product is fragile…etc. But generally speaking, the advantages of resin crafts outweigh its disadvantages. If you want to make craft products, resin materials are indispensable.

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polyresin decorative items、custom polyresin ornaments
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Packaging Method

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  • For standard 2D or half 3D design products, Please provide design and size.
    It can be a photo, picture, hand-drawing in JPG or AI. File. We will paint the colors as the design or you can provide PANTONE color number. In order to get more details, please provide the scenery’s name, so we can surf on internet to get more photos for reference.

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