Custom Glitter Lapel Pins

CUSTOM GLITTER LAPEL PINS offers a vast selection of personalized glitter badges and sparkle lapel pins that are eye-catching and versatile.

Glitter powder is a surface treatment material with a unique effect and characterized by enhancing the visual effect of the product, which is widely used in Christmas crafts, toys, gifts, and other fields.

Our personalized glitter lapel pins are a perfect accompaniment to fashionable outfits and great for those wanting to stand out from the event and occasions.

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How To Make & Purchase Custom Glitter Lapel Pins? is a leading manufacturer in the custom glitter lapel pin industry. Because of our knowledge and experience we have been able to simplify our buying process to make our custom lapels accessible to more businesses and individuals. Here’s a guide to our buying process and how you can purchase personalized rhinestone lapel pins from us:

Step 1 – Custom Lapel Pin Design

The first step in the buying process is to present us with a design, an idea for a design or show us an example of a lapel pin that you have already taken a shine to.

There are many sizes and shapes of glitter powder to choose from, and the size of glitter powder will have different recommended suitable sizes according to different processes.

Hexagons shape and 1/128” size is the most common choice for lapel pin item


If you can’t design your own badge and can’t find what you’re looking for on our site then let us know – we’d be happy to assist.

Step 2 – Choosing The Best Material And Process

The second step involves choosing the material and process for your custom lapel pins. What would you like them to be made of? Should the badges or broaches be extremely shiny, vivid and colorful, gradation? Think about these questions before deciding on a manufacturing process.

The looks of glitter powder in different processes

Process : New Enamel + Glitter

Material : Iron, Brass, Alloy

custom glitter enamel pin

Process : Soft Enamel + Glitter

Material : Iron, Brass, Alloy

glitter enamel pin

Process : Glitter on Epoxy

Material : Alu, Brass, Stainless

Glitter on Epoxy

Process : Printing + Glitter With epoxy

Material : Alu, Brass, Stainless

glitter printing pin

Step 3 – Glitter Size and Shapes


Enamel Glitter Lapel pins

Step three is where you choose your glitter to be used on your custom badges.

Glitter specifications generally use in size 1/128”, but there is no problem with bigger or smaller specifications. It’s all depending on your design.


Soft enamel:


Adding Glitter


Hard enamel:


Adding Glitter




Printing Glittler Lapel pins

The specification of glitter powder used in the printing process is 1/256″. Whether it is silkscreen printing or offset printing, the way to add glitter is to make a film separately for the area where glitter is to be added, and print glitter according to it. If you want the glitter to cover the entire surface of the product, you can choose the same method of making printing film as above or mix the glitter powder in the epoxy. However, it should be noted that the glitter powder and epoxy cannot be mixed completely, so the glitter will be uneven. If you are concerned about this, please use the printing film method.

 Glittler Colors

Step 4 – Order Creation

An order is created and your custom lapel pin design goes straight into production. The badges are created in your chosen material and your chosen glitters are added to the badge exactly where you require them.

Step 5 – Delivery

Once we’ve completed your order. It will be packaged with care and shipped out to you. Recorded and tracked delivery options are available. We are sure you’ll be extremely happy with the quality of our product and service. Especially when you receive our beautifully crafted broaches post-production.


Reasons To Choose Us

Our custom promotional items which include personalized rhinestone lapel pins have helped our buyers to obtain business opportunities worldwide. We have made millions of lapel pins with rhinestones excellent feedback and repeat orders from our customers who include Coca-Cola, BMW, Disney, Harrods, Sanrio, Audi and more.

We use our decades of industry knowledge and experience into guiding our customers on a seamless purchasing journey and provide the help and assistance they need to complete and fulfill their orders to an exceptional standard.

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