how to creating your own patch

How to Creating your own Patch

Do not want to be the same as others? Want to be the unique one?

These are the reasons that DIY patch comes back to people’s life again. Using brightly color and novelty design to create personal style to your fashion.

Patches can be applied to many things, such as clothes, coats, bags, shoes, hats… etc. Using personal ingenuity to design unique and exclusive accessories is a very popular and simple DIY way.

create your own patch-1
create your own patch-2

1. Design your idea:

First, please draw your idea, it would be great if you can use software to make a vector file.

If you don’t know how to make the artwork, that’s okay, please send the draft to us, and we will produce the artwork according to your design. If you have a design that you want to make a replica, please provide us with a physical sample, and we can make it based on your sample.




image vector-file sample

2. Mark the content clearly:

Second, you need to clearly mark the size of the patch, and the color you want to choose for each area.

You can refer to our Thread color book and Twill color book and provide the color number.

Or you can also provide a Pantone color number (solid coated color chart), and we will find the closest thread and twill color number according to it. As the color number system is different, if we reference with Pantone color number, we can only find the color as close as possible for you. The color cannot be exactly the same, please kindly aware of this.

embroidery and fabric-1
embroidery and fabric

3. How you prefer for your patch:

When producing patches, please be sure to inform the embroidery thread area, edge method and back method.

The general method of patching is full embroidering and leaving cloth bottom (partial embroidery). Please inform whether you want to keep the cloth bottom or embroider all. Then the edges can be OVERLOCK (MERROW) and HEAT CUT (HOT CUT). You can choose different edge presentation methods according to your preferences, but the overlock border has its appearance restrictions. Generally speaking, for simple and symmetrical shapes such as square, round, triangle… etc. are suitable for overlock border. If you want to know more, you can check our MEDIA CENTER to watch more introductions. Finally, you will need to confirm the method of the back. Marktex has a lot of methods to provide the back. The most popular methods are no back glue (sew on), Iron on glue, Hard PVC glue and Peel-off adhesive sticker.




overlock border

heat cut border







iron on

hard pvc

peel off sticker



4. Confirm quantity and price

When the above details are confirmed, please inform the required quantity, and we will provide a quotation reference based on your quantity.
After the above steps are done, we will make the patch according to the above content. Of course, if you want to proof the effect first, it is welcome to run the sample process first. For more related knowledge and questions about the patches, please leave a message below or contact us by email: [email protected]

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