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Custom Metal Bracelet


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Precise an identified color number from Pantone color chart or DIC color chart for each color, for the client who requires the design with precise colors and the design under 5 colors – silkscreen printing process is the best choice. Also it’s a good option for large quantity promotional projects.


With or without border are both workable on silk-screen process.

For the border, suitable space is recommended in order to prevent and unsatisfied cutting line problem.

Silkscreen Printing


silkscreen printing is to individually make a film for the areas which have the same color in the design, 

and then apply the corresponding ink on the screen and scratch it onto the product.

Since each color of ink is printed independently, the color can be indicated to pantone color number.
When you want to change the color of the artwork, as long as the color on the same film changes together (the same color),there is no additional charge for the film.

Screen printing and offset printing are both have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on the process.
The feature of silkscreen printing is that it is suitable for block solid color design. A separate printing film is opened for each color, so you can specify the color according to pantone color chart. If you have requirements for indicated printing color of the pattern and the number of colors is small, then silkscreen printing will be very suitable for your choice. However……see more

plating color chart

Different plating colors bring different effects to your product. Besides classic plating colors, Marktex could also offer color plating and rainbow plating, please check plating color chart to see more plating options.
should there be any question or need to quote, please feel free to contact us
e-mail:[email protected]

PackagingWe offer standard individual poly bag packing for our client and also offer in plastic box, velvet box and other packing ways. Customized packing is available, please contact us for details.
should there be any question or need to quote, please feel free to contact us
e-mail:[email protected]

For small quantity orders, we offer transfer in express such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT or EMS. For large quantity, air cargo and sea cargo are also available.

Before starting an order, please send us inquiry along with your design (vector file), size and quantity for quoting reference. You may offer your ideas of what you want to show on your product and we will recommend the best production options according to your requirement. After that we will send you revised artwork for checking details. Once everything is confirmed, we can run on productions.

So far we accept payment in wire transfer (T/T) and Paypal.




brass, stainless iron, aluminum


according to Pantone or DIC color chart


0.5 ~ 1.5mm (standard thickness)


gold, nickel, nickel free, brass, copper, black nickel plated (available for material brass only)


with or without


individual poly bag

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