What is the difference between Merrow border and Heat cut border


Merrow (overlock) border and Heat cut (hot cut) border are two methods for edge forming of embroidery products. The merrow border is to sew a loop around the embroidery patch to protect it. Because this loop is being sewing on additionally, it can only be applied to round, square, and oval shapes which is smooth and symmetrical appearance. If the appearance of your embroidery patch is irregular shape, then you should choose the Heat Cut border. HEAT CUT BORDER is to use a hot knife to seal the edge threads of the embroidery patches, and the appearance is not limited, which is very suitable for irregular outer frame shapes.

overlock border

Overlock Border

heat cut border

Heat Cut Border

Overlock Border

The merrow (overlock) border is thicker, and thickness is about 3mm in width, so when choosing overlock (merrow) border, the appearance will be very limited. The design should not be too close to the edge, and need to reserve some space for the border loop. The border color of the merrow (overlock) border can only have one color choice. This is because the edge strips (loops) are pre-carried, so the color cannot be changed with the design. The overlock (merrow) border of each embroidery chapter can only be applied in one color.

Heat Cut Border

Since the heat cut border is formed by a hot knife, there is no restriction on the shape of the edge. The color of the edge is generally the color of the design. You can also add an extra frame design to your product to make the edge color consistent. The edge design is not limited to a single color. It is a more variable and inclusive edge method.

Based on the above, if the appearance of your embroidery patch is regular, then both merrow border and heat cup border are applicable.

If the appearance of your embroidery patches is irregular, then you should choose to heat cut border.

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