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Round String Lanyard
Round string lanyard is woven from polyester material, and lanyard color is usually offered in single or double colors. Due to the knitting method, patterns cannot be webbed directly. Usually it will be accompanied by a woven label with a customized LOGO on the bottom.  In order to wear comfortably and beautifully, the diameter of the round string lanyard is generally approx. 5mm, 7mm or 9mm, not more than 10mm.  Material for round string lanyard is not elasticity fabric. If you need elastic effect, you can consider high-elastic cord lanyard or jacquard cord lanyard.

custom lanyard ribbons
fabric lanyard

Jacquard Cord Lanyard
The jacquard cord lanyard is made of elastic nylon, and the slight elasticity texture makes it more comfortable to wear. The characteristic of the jacquard cord lanyard is that the LOGO can be woven on the lanyard directly, but due to space and weaving considerations, the jacquard pattern and text should be as concise as possible. The jacquard LOGO can be in single-sided or double-sided, but considering the general dimension of the jacquard cord lanyard is 5mm, if the LOGO design is larger, it is recommended to only use single-sided logo.

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High Elastic Cord Lanyard
The same as the jacquard cord lanyard, the high elastic cord lanyard is also made of elastic nylon. High-elastic cord lanyard is generally designed in two colors. LOGO cannot be printed or woven on the lanyard. Customized LOGO needs to be presented with other methods, such as woven labels or hang tags. The high elastic cord lanyard normally has a wire diameter of 5~7mm, and the material is very soft and comfortable to wear.

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Tubular Polyester Lanyard


Tube lanyard

Nylon Lanyard


Nylon lanyard



Flat polyester lanyard

Heat transfer Lanyard


Heat transfer lanyard

satin label


Satin label

woven label


woven label

Eco friendly


Eco friendly lanyard


available finish with lanyard
D effect

3D printing

all material is available for this printing process

Heat transfer printing

Heat transfer printing

available for material A. C. D

Silkscreen printing

Silkscreen printing

all material is available for this printing process

Offset printing

Offset printing

all material is available for this printing process

Jacquard woven

Jacquard woven

available for material F

nylon woven

Nylon woven

available for material B


PackagingWe offer standard individual poly bag packing for our client and also offer in plastic box, velvet box and other packing ways. Customized packing is available, please contact us for details.
should there be any question or need to quote, please feel free to contact us

For small quantity orders, we offer transfer in express such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT or EMS. For large quantity, air cargo and sea cargo are also available.

Before starting an order, please send us inquiry along with your design (vector file), size and quantity for quoting reference. You may offer your ideas of what you want to show on your product and we will recommend the best production options according to your requirement. After that we will send you revised artwork for checking details. Once everything is confirmed, we can run on productions.

So far we accept payment in wire transfer (T/T) and Paypal.




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