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Acrylic Card Holder

Acrylic Card Holder | UV Printing | Full-color Printing

☑ Acrylic card holders protect cards from scratches.
☑ The surface can be printed with brand information to increase exposure and visibility.
☑ Practical and visually appealing, suitable for corporate events, gift giving, etc.





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Introduction to Acrylic Card Holder

The acrylic card holder is a product used to protect and display cards or credentials. It possesses elegant and durable characteristics and can clearly display contents without the need to remove them. These card holders can be used for various purposes, such as protecting credit cards, IDs, membership cards, business cards, etc.

Features and Advantages of Acrylic Card Holder:
● Protection: Acrylic card holders prevent cards from damage, folds, or scratches, extending their lifespan.
● Transparency: Acrylic material offers high transparency, allowing clear display of card contents.
● Easy to clean: The smooth surface of acrylic is easy to wipe clean, maintaining its cleanliness and luster.
● Durability: Acrylic is a sturdy and durable material, ensuring long-term protection for your cards.
The acrylic card holder not only provides protection but also attracts attention with its transparent appearance showcasing card contents. It finds wide applications in retail, event giveaways, corporate gifts, and more.

Custom clear card holder、acrylic card holder
Customized ID card holder、acrylic card holder
Personalized card holder、acrylic card holder


Acrylic Badge Holder
Acrylic Badge Holder-1

Acrylic CARD Holder Craftsmanship


Transparent base + Solid color + Semi-transparent


Glossy + Matte effect


Three-dimensional embossed effect


special effect

Acrylic + Glitter

special effect

Acrylic + Hologram

special effect

Acrylic + Hologram


Quicksand Effect

Accessories Introduction

MARKTEX offers various accessories, including lanyards, spring key rings, retractable reels, etc., which can perfectly match with the ID badge holders, enhancing their utility and aesthetics. These accessories are not only suitable for use at work, school, or outdoor activities but also cater to various needs, making the badge holder an indispensable tool in daily life. Additionally, these accessories (such as lanyards and reel pullers) can be customized with corporate logos or illustration patterns, adding completeness to the product design.
★ More details about lanyards
★ More details about reel puller



Spring Key Ring

Spring key ring

reel puller

Reel puller with printing decal

reel puller

Custom acrylic logo reel puller

PackagingWe offer standard individual poly bag packing for our client and also offer in plastic box, velvet box and other packing ways. Customized packing is available, please contact us for details.
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Transparent Acrylic




Spring key ring


Smooth and flat surface with gloss colorful patterns


Printing, UV Printing


Individual poly bag