Customized ID Card Badge Holder Show your brand style

Among the myriad of gift options, practicality is a major focus alongside aesthetics. Are you looking for a product that is both practical and stylish? MARKTEX recommends customized ID card holders, allowing you to showcase personal taste while also prioritizing functionality.
Advantages of ID card holders:

  • Variety of Styles: ABS Plastic ID Card Holder, Acrylic Badge Holder, Leather ID Badge Holders, and more, with various materials and styles to cater to different needs.
  • Customization Service: Incorporate your design patterns and company logos into the card holder design, showcasing personal taste.
  • Functionality: Combining aesthetics and practicality, they protect IDs while serving as fashionable accessories

For those who value material and texture, leather ID card holders are an option; for those who prioritize price and practicality, plastic ID card holders are available. Additionally, ID card holders can be customized to fit the size and needs of different card sizes.

ID Card Holder、custom id badge holder


Card Holders|ID Badge Holders

When customizing ID badge holders, brand logos or event themes can be incorporated into the design, showcasing unique personal taste or brand image.
Applications of Card Holders:

  • Cultural and Creative Products: Integrate local characteristics or artistic works into the design of card holders to create cultural and creative products with cultural heritage.
  • Promotional Gifts for Events: Distribute card holders imprinted with company logos as promotional gifts during corporate events or conferences.
  • Merchandise for Anime and Comics: Print popular anime characters on card holders to attract anime fans for collection purposes.

Which Material is Suitable for Me?

When customizing a card holder that meets your needs, you may need to consider multiple factors, including usage scenarios, personal preferences, and protection requirements. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of three materials: acrylic, leather, and ABS, to better understand how to choose the ideal ID badge holder.

ABS ID Card Badge Holder

ABS plastic is known for its durability, making it ideal for protecting IDs and cards. Marktex offers a variety of colors for hard shell card holders, coupled with UV printing technology to showcase your design perfectly.

● Durability: Premium ABS material resists daily wear and tear, protecting cards from damage.
● Design: Sleek and fashionable design with bright colors, showcasing a professional image.
● Functionality: Equipped with anti-magnetic and splash-proof features, providing comprehensive protection for your cards.
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Custom ID Card Badge Holder

Specifications and Usage Introduction

custom Acrylic Badge Holder

Acrylic Badge Holder

Known for its clear and transparent appearance, it can perfectly display your cards while protecting them from scratches and stains.

Transparent Texture: Clearly displays the front of the card, making it easy to identify important information.
High Abrasion Resistance: Harder than general plastics, providing a longer service life.
Lightweight: Acrylic material is lightweight, making it easy to carry without adding burden.

Specifications Introduction

Acrylic Badge Holder
Acrylic Badge Holder-1


Both acrylic and ABS are common materials for hardshell card holders, each with differences in appearance, durability, and price.

Acrylic Badge HolderVSABS Badge Holde
Good transparencyAppearanceNon-translucent, available in various base colors
Clearly display the information on the identification cardFeatures
High-strength ABS”
65x103mmRegular size
Acrylic Badge Holder、custom id card holder

Acrylic Badge Holder

customABS ID card holder、ID Card Holder Hard Plastic

ABS Badge Holder

ID card holder leather

Leather ID Badge Holders

Customized leather card holders can be tailored according to preferences, including material, color, style, and pattern. Marktex offers both genuine and artificial leather materials for your selection. Colors can be chosen from existing options, or you can specify a leather color with a sufficient quantity. The style of the ID badge holder can also be customized according to the design, such as single-layer or multi-layer, creating an exclusive leather card holder.

Exquisite Texture: Selecting high-quality leather and exquisite craftsmanship enhances the overall texture.
Classic Durability: Fashionably classic, showcasing personal taste.
● Functional Partitioning: Multiple card slots design for convenient classification and storage of different cards.

Specification Introduction

ID card holder leather
leather card holder-phone



We offer standard individual poly bag packing for our client and also offer in plastic box, velvet box and other packing ways. Customized packing is available, please contact us for details.
should there be any question or need to quote, please feel free to contact us

Custom ID card holder、ABS Hard Plastic Card Holder


  • Please provide us with the designed pattern, confirm the desired appearance of the ID badge holder, and choose the preferred material. Different materials will result in different crafting effects, showcasing diverse appearances of the ID badge holder. If you don’t have a specific idea, our professional staffs will discuss the best options for making card holders/ID badge holders with you.