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Custom Phone Lanyard

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☑ Phone lanyards are trendy and practical products.
☑ Mobile phone straps can be easily adjusted in length, making them convenient to wear.
☑ It is affordable in price, speedy delivery, and suitable for large-scale customization.
☑ Marktex offers a variety of existing round cord colors to choose from.

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About phone string clip

The ‘Round Cord Mobile Phone Lanyard’ is currently one of the most popular mobile accessories. Not only does it enhance the aesthetic appeal of your phone, but it also helps prevent the awkward situation of losing or dropping your phone easily. As a result, it has gained considerable attention in the selection of cultural and creative products and promotional gifts for events.

We offer a diverse range of nearly 200 round cord patterns, catering to various preferences such as solid colors, dual tones, or multi-colored braids. Whether you prefer a specific braiding pattern and wish to customize it to match your brand’s colors, we have you covered. Our custom color-change option allows you to transform the original ‘black and white checkered’ pattern into, for example, a ‘black and red checkered’ pattern. The minimum order quantity for custom color changes is 500 pieces, providing flexibility and ease in your choices.

Feel free to contact Marktex for any inquiries regarding custom phone lanyard clips. ✉️

mobile phone holder lanyard
lanyard phone holder

Adjustable length approx. (worn on the front) 35cm

lanyard for mobile phone (2)

Adjustable length approx. (worn on the front) 45cm

lanyard for mobile phone 、lanyard phone holder

Worn on the side (maximum length )

Introduction Of Round Cord Lanyard  

Color : over a hundred existing color options (minimum order quantity of 300 pieces for 6mm, and 500 pieces for 7mm/8mm). Custom color changes for existing designs require a minimum order quantity of 500 pieces.

Click here to see more stock round cord colors

Diametrer: 6mm、7mm、8mm、10mm(regular size of sling 1500x6mm, regualr size of wristlet 350x7mm)

Style: Braided round cord (non-flexible)、Elastic nylon round cord、jacquard logo round cord


Diametrer : 6mm


Diametrer : 7mm


Diametrer : 10mm


Before attaching the round cord mobile lanyard, incorporate elements such as printed woven labels, woven smiley fabric tags, or leather tags at the front end to give the phone lanyard a distinctive brand character. The use of vibrant color styles provides a lively feel, enhancing its appeal.

Leather lanyard rings and soft rubber lanyard rings are common accessories, allowing for a more versatile use of the phone lanyard. Leather rings can have logos embossed on the surface, showcasing a classic texture. On the other hand, soft rubber rings are suitable for high-color text and graphics, offering better customization options.

Woven elastic band

Woven elastic band

Woven fabric label

Woven fabric label + elastic band

attachment ring

Soft rubber/leather attachment ring

Marktex Company offers a variety of standard and high-end accessories, including metal accessories available in various electroplating colors such as nickel, black, gold, antique colors, and more to meet different lanyard design needs. If you wish to engrave your exclusive brand logo on the metal accessories, we can also customize these accessories for you, incorporating brand text or simple graphics to make the product more exquisite. (Custom exclusive logo accessories require a minimum order quantity of 3000 sets).

Order Process:
Diameter 6mm with regular fittings : metal hook MI025 + 2 metal adjustment buckles + 2 bell fasteners

Diameter 6mm /7mm with regular fittings : metal MI025 + 2 metal adjustment buckles + 2 cord fasteners

Please offer your design in vector file such as AI. There’s a small D-ring as a regular fittings for phone pads open design A (rectangle shape w/o cutting edge), if you do not need this D-ring, please mark it in your inquiry.

3.Confirm order
Once design is confirmed, we will offer sales confirmation which shows all the details of the order to make sure everything is set.

4.Production & Delivery
Our professional team will be dedicated to producing your custom phone lanyard. After rigorous quality checks, we will promptly arrange for delivery.

MOQ: 300pcs/design (regular fittings)     

6mm style

cell phon lanyard custom-17

Adjustable length(single hook)+Woven fabric label

Fitting:Metal hook(MI025)+2 adjustable buckle+2 bell fasteners

cell phon lanyard custom-18

Adjustable length(dual hooks)

Fitting:Metal hook(MI025)+2 adjustable buckle+2 tail buckle


cell phon lanyard custom-19

Fixed length(single hook)

Fitting:Metal hook(CL01) + 2 spring hook + 2 tail buckle + Leather attachment ring

cell phon lanyard custom-20

Adjustable length(single hook)

Fitting:Metal hook(CL01) + Spring hook + Tail buckle(1 front, 1end) + Adjustable buckle + Leather attachment ring

cell phon lanyard custom-21

Adjustable length(dual hooks)

Fitting:Metal hook(MI024) + Adjustable buckle + 2 tail buckle


The accessories for phone lanyard can also be customized according to customer requirements, such as metal hooks, plastic buckles, etc., 
(When using the same type of hook for round cord and flat type lanyard, there will be differences in the appearance of the assembly loop due to the form and width of the cord. Round cords have a circular assembly loop, while flat type lanyards have a rectangular assembly loop.)


According to the designs of different mobile phone cases from various brands, we offer the option to customize your phone lanyard with either a “single hook” or a “double hooks.” The standard customization comes with a single hook. If you require double hooks, please inform us when requesting a price quote.
The double hooks accessory, when used with a phone clip, allows both hooks to be attached to the D-ring of the phone pad simultaneously. Alternatively, it can be used with a specific phone case designed for double hooks. The double hook design for lanyards is versatile and can also be used with other daily equipment, offering broad usability.


Double hook attach to D-ring of phone pad


Double hook use on specific phone case


Double hook design for lanyards is versatile and can also be used with other daily equipment

Phone Pads

Marktex offers three standard versions of rigid cloth pads and one TPU pads for customers to choose from. Of course, you can also customize a unique pads shape to align with your brand image.
Cilck HERE for checking out more stock colors for phone pads

Phone Pads
All Phone Pads

ROUND CORD PHONE WRIST STRAP/phone wrist lanyard

The short mobile phone lanyard is a popular mobile accessory, highly practical with a smooth and non-rough texture. Similar to regular phone case lanyards, it effortlessly secures the phone to the hand or backpack, effectively preventing accidental slips.

Manufactured using the same method as a long neck strap, you can choose your preferred round cord style. The front end can be adorned with a woven label or an attachment ring. Please note that mobile wrist straps typically do not have adjustable length functionality and require specifying a single size.

Regular size: 300mm~350mm

phone wrist straps、phone lanyard wrist
phone lanyard wrist、custom phone lanyard wrist
phone lanyard strap


Stock colors of rigid cloth phone pad : If you have a need for special colors that might face potential material shortages, please feel free to contact us to inquire about the latest available color options for the rigid cloth pads.
Indicated color for rigid cloth phone pads: MOQ approx. 50,000pcs (Material MOQ of rigid cloth is 200 yards which can apply 50,000pcs phone pads in size 58x38mm)
should there be any question or need to quote, please feel free to contact us


should there be any question or need to quote, please feel free to contact us


Marktex provides various packaging options. In addition to the existing pearl bag that comes with the product, we also offer customization services to meet your specific packaging needs.
should there be any question or need to quote, please feel free to contact us

For small quantity orders, we offer transfer in express such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT or EMS. For large quantity, air cargo and sea cargo are also available.

Before starting an order, please send us inquiry along with your design (vector file), size and quantity for quoting reference. You may offer your ideas of what you want to show on your product and we will recommend the best production options according to your requirement. After that we will send you revised artwork for checking details. Once everything is confirmed, we can run on productions.

So far we accept payment in wire transfer (T/T) and Paypal.



round cord、flat strap、leather strap


neck lanyard800mm、neck lanyard900mm、crossedbody1400mm、crossedbody1500mm、crossedbody1600mm、wristlet300mm、wristlet350mm、customized size


flat strap:printing, heat transfer, fine woven, jacquared, others
leather strap:stamping, printing, gold imprint, silver imprint


individual poly bag

    customized size

    ideal size
    3. Round cord style
    color nuber


    ideal size

    color unber

    ideal size