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The embroidered patches are also called embroidered badges or embroidered emblems. Custom embroidered patches can be produced and designed for various purposes, such as military, police, fire dept., rescue dept., sports, scouts, clubs, groups, schools, companies and industry uniforms, etc.
Embroidery patches are a traditional, decorative embroidered type of badge made from rayon filament yarn, which can be stitched or glued onto any fabric for a long lasting effect.

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Embroidery Coverage

Embroidery Coverage

Merrowed border

 After scissor-cutting, merrowing process is done and border to be around 3mm in thickness.

Merrowing, sometimes known as overlock sewing or overlocking is the process of wrapping thread around fabric, yielding an efficient and uniform stitch.  The merrowed border is around 3mm in thickness.Merrow border
Heat-cut edge
Stitched edge
Laser-cut edge 
The edge of emblems is cut using hot-knife by hand or laser machine, and heat-cut is usually used for irregular shape or hollow-designed emblems.  it is ideal for more intricate shapes that may have multiple in-cuts and sharp anglesHeat-cut edge
PVC Plastic Backing A plastic backing is applied to patches for stabilization and sew-on purposes PVC Plastic Backing
Iron Glue/Heat seal By heat seal backing, a patch can be ironed onto a garment Iron Glue
Peel & Stick If a special adhesive is applied to emblems, you can simply peel off a wax paper protective back and temporarily paste the patch to garments. peel & stick
Velcro (Hook & Loop) The Velcro fabric can be cut to the emblem’s shape and then sewn to the back of the emblem. Velcro
Felt Felt patches have a raised, fuzzy appearance and are sewn onto felt backgrounds and cut to size.
ChenilleChenille weaving is done by a special machine using cotton, acrylic, or even silk yarn. The uniqueness of this fabric is its fuzzy softness, much like a caterpillar’s fur.
ReflectiveThe reflective material that reflects the light in the dark so user can be seen more easily.
UV threadsSewing threads change from one color to vibrant colors when exposed to sunlight or any UV light sources.
Glow in the dark threadsGlow in the dark embroidery threads are safe and definitely no toxic, no harm, and no radiation.
Gold/Silver metallic threadsMetallic threads are usually having or showing lofty dignity or nobility, it has been popular since ancient times.
3D foam (3D Puff)This is a technique where foam is inserted under the embroidery stitching. This results in the surface being raised or “puffed” look giving a three-dimensional appearance to your embroidery designs.
  • Dye Sublimation/ Printed
Sublimated patches are great for intricate graphics or ones with subtle shadings. A computer printer uses heat to directly transfer dye into the fabric to produce a photo-realistic effect.



twill fabric, rayon, polyester


according to color chart of thread, twill and felt


merrow (overlock), heat cut (hot knife)


sew on, iron on, hard PVC, stick on, Velcro, pellon


2D or 3D embroidery, fine woven, heat transfer


embroidery, woven



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