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2D Soft PVC Bracelet



Soft PVC Bracelets / Wristbands are made from Flexible PVC material; they are durable, weather resistant and are easy to put on.  Each one has plastic or metal snaps that are easy to use and adjustable.  Soft PVC wristbands are ideal gift for promotional use or event premiums, perfect choice for outdoor events like concerts, fairs and conventions.
We can offer all products with ATBC-PVC material that pass EN71, Cadmium test and Phthalate Free, also conform to European Union standard.

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Standard fittings:  
Buttons Snap Fasteners, Press Studs Male and Female Sets The stud (male) is the part that clicks into the socket (female) when the snap is closed.
Snap material: Metal or Plastic
Snap quantity: 1 or 2 snaps

soft PVC process

soft PVC process

Soft PVC Figurines, Minatures are fully cubic with 360 degrees, they are safe and non toxic 
The front and back part need to be glued, parting line is visible

soft PVC process
Available with silk screen printing or offset printing

soft PVC process
Front side: Soft PVC 2D or 3D
Back side: 1. ABS frame  2. Soft PVC frame  3. Writable lnk



soft PVC


customized design